MUMBAI: A 57-year-old man sustained injuries, and 25 to 30 individuals were rescued after a fire erupted in a 62-storey residential building in the Byculla area of south Mumbai around midnight, according to officials on Sunday.
The blaze originated in a flat on the 10th floor of the Monte South building‘s A wing in the Khatao Mill Compound at 11.42 pm on Saturday, filling the entire floor with smoke.
Some residents were trapped on the upper floors, but firefighters managed to rescue 25 to 30 individuals using the staircase. Pandurang Shinde, a resident, sustained injuries during the incident.
The fire, classified as a “level-2” blaze, was limited to the electric wiring and installations, wooden furniture, household articles, wardrobe, mattresses, wooden beds, sofas, curtains, electronic appliances, false ceilings, doors, windows, and modular kitchen of the 10th floor flat, as well as curtains, window glass, and other items in an 11th floor apartment.
Firefighters deployed eight water tankers and six fire engines to the scene, utilizing four hose lines and nine motor pumps to combat the flames. During the firefighting efforts, a refrigerator compressor exploded in the kitchen of the affected 10th floor flat.
The cause of the fire remains unknown, although there are reports suggesting that it may have been triggered by a suspected short-circuit in one of the 10th floor apartments. The blaze was successfully extinguished at 2.45 am.