Looking to upskill in 2023? Add an extra edge to your CV with these free online courses by Google across various fields, from technology to marketing, to get started.

Do you feel the need to upskill your techniques to match the increasing competition and the current dynamic industry environment? The Better India has got you covered. From Data Science and machine learning to digital marketing, there are dozens of free courses that you can do in 2023. 

Here is a list of free online Google courses that will add an extra edge to your CV:  

Data Science with Python

As the name suggests, the course gives the applicants a complete and comprehensive learning of data analytical tools and techniques. The 13-module advanced course includes data analysis, visualization, NumPy, SciPy, web scraping, and natural language processing. 

The 8-hour-long course has self-paced videos with quizzes to ensure wholesome learning. It is the perfect kickstart to your journey to becoming a data scientist. You can register for the programme here

Basics of Machine Learning 

If you are looking to take up a machine learning course then this course is for you. The beginner course will explore the basics of machine learning along with its application to grow your business

The course is one hour long with video lessons and end-of-topic assessments and certification. You can keep track of your progress with the “My Learning Plan page”. You can register for the course on Google Digital. 

Machine Learning Crash Course

A slightly more advanced course in machine learning, this will contain video lectures from researchers at Google designed specifically for newcomers, as well as interactive visualisations of algorithms in action along with real-world case studies.   

The course is 15 hours long with three modules and coding exercises that will help implement your learning in TensorFlow, an open-source machine intelligence library. Register for the course here. 

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Data Science Foundations

Another beginner’s course where you can learn Data Science. This course will give the learners an introduction to Data Science and Analytics Landscape. It will also explore all the fundamentals of Data Science and the Data Science Life Cycle.

The 1.5-hour long course with six modules with quizzes to test your learning. With the growing data science industry and demand for subsequent jobs the course will be perfect for data enthusiasts. Register here.

Learn Python Basics for Data Analysis

Another data analytics course to upskill your resume is Learn Python Basics for Data Analysis by Google. The 12-hour video course with four modules will teach learners how to use and write functions, practice with data analysis, and work on their first algorithm. 

The course will explain the fundamentals of the Python programming language with its application in data analytics. The structure has various activities and quizzes to assist in quick learning. Register for the fast-filling course here

Google Cloud Computing Foundations: Data, ML, and AI in Google Cloud

A trending skill to acquire is cloud computing. The course offered by Google is ideal for those with no or little background in cloud computing. It will explore Cloud Computing Fundamentals, Infrastructure in Google Cloud, Networking and Security in Google Cloud and Data, Machine Learning, and AI in Google Cloud. 

The course will also provide a free certification on completion of the course. This is an on-demand course and you can sign up for it here for free. 

Get started with Google Maps Platform – web 

Another cool and unique skill to dive into is learning about the Google Maps Platform and how to manage projects in the Google Cloud Console. In this course, you will learn to make your own interactive web maps, create and attach a billing account, Add a map to your website in JavaScript etc. 

The course is available in the English language with a free certificate on completion. Click here to register.  

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Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics for beginners will help newbies to learn how to create an account, implement tracking code, and set up data filters. In the course, one will learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports and set up dashboards and shortcuts. 

It has four units covering a variety of topics like Acquisition reports, Behavior reports, Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder etc along with a free certificate on completion of the course. Register for the course here

Advanced Google Analytics

Once you have grasped the basics, you can hop on to this course to further your knowledge. The course will walk you through how data gets collected and processed into readable reports. It will also explain using configurations like Custom Dimensions, Custom Metrics, and Event Tracking to collect data that are specific to a particular business. 

The free certification course has four units which will teach topics like collection and processing of data, advanced analysis tools and techniques etc. You can sign up for the on-demand course here

Fundamentals of digital marketing

One skill which is in demand and is ever-increasing is digital marketing. You can add this skill to your list by taking this free certification course. The course has received accreditation from Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

The 40-hour-long course with 26 modules will teach topics such as promoting a business online, building a web preference, making marketing strategies, using social media platforms to promote businesses etc. You can register for this course here

Edited by Divya Sethu

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