India is the world’s largest democracy, and its elections are a key component of its political system. The 2024 general election is an important event where citizens vote to choose their leaders. The Election Commission of India is the body responsible for making sure that elections are fair and transparent. Understanding how elections work, who can vote, and how the Lok Sabha is structured is very important, and it will help us to gain knowledge about India’s democracy functions. Here are some questions that will help you learn about the election process and the Lok Sabha. 

25 GK Questions On Election Results And Seats

Question 1: What is the total number of seat in Lok Sabha as of the General Elections 2024?

A: 542

B: 545

C: 543

D: 540

Answer: 543

Question 2: Which body is responsible for conducting Elections in India?

A: Supreme Court

B: Election Commission

C: Ministry of Home Affairs

D: None of the above

Answer: Election Commission

Question 3: How often General Elections are held in India?

A: Every 4 years

B: Every 5 years

C: Every 6 years

D: Every 7 years

Answer: Every 5 years

Question 4: What is the minimum age requirement for a citizen to vote in India?

A: 18 years

B: 19 years

C: 20 years

D: 21 years

Answer: 18 years

Question 4: Who is responsible for the announcement of elections result in India?

A: Prime Minsiter

B: President

C: Chief Election Commissioner

D: None of the above

Answer: Chief Election Commissioner

Question 5: Which electronic system is used for voting in Indian General Elections?

A: Electronic Voting Machine

B: Direct Recording Electronic Machine

C: Optical Voting Systems

D: None of the above

Answer: Electronic Voting Machine

Question 6: What is the maximum number of members that the President of India can nominate to the Lok Sabha?

A: 2

B: 6

C: 12

D: 18

Answer: 2

Question 7: What is the term used for a geographical area represented by a member of the legislative body?

A: District

B: Ward

C: Constituency 

D: None of the above

Answer: Constituency

Question 8: Which of the following is NOT a method of voting?

A: Proxy Voting

B: Electronic Voting

C: Random Voting

D: None of the above

Answer: None of the above

Question 9: What is the purpose of an exit poll?

A: To predict outcome

B: To count votes

C: Register new voters

D: None of the above

Answer: To predict outcome

Question 10: Which of the following states have the largest number of Lok Sabha seats?

A: Assam

B: West Bengal

C: Uttar Pradesh

D: Rajasthan

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Questions 11: When was the first General Election held in India?

A: 1951-1952

B: 1941-1942

C: 1954-1945

D: 1949-1950

Answer: 1951-1952

Questions 12: In how many phases is this election is being conducted?

A: 5

B: 6

C: 7

D: 8

Answer: 7

Question 13: Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

A: Rajiv Kumar

B: Sunil Arora

C: Om Prakash

D: None of the above

Answer: Sunil Arora

Question 14: Which party does the current Prime Minister represent?

A: Bhartiya Janta Party

B: Aam Admi Party

C: Indian National Congress

D: None of the above

Answer: Bhartiya Janta Party

Question 15: Who founded the Aam Aadmi Party?

A: Arvind Kejriwal

B: Kiran Bedi 

C: Manish Sisodia

D: None of the above

Answer: Arvind Kejriwal

Question 16: Who is the leader of DMK in Tamil Nadu?

A: M.K Stalin

B:  Durai Murugan

C: T.R Baalu

D: None of the above

Answer: M.K Stalin

Question 17: Which political party uses the symbol of a lotus flower?

A: Congress


C: None of the above

Answer: BJP

Question 18: Which political party uses the symbol of a hand?


B:  Congress

C: None of the above

Answer: Congress

Question 19: Speaker of the first Lok Sabha was?

A: G V Mavalanka

B:  Ravi Narayan Reddy

C: None of the above

Answer: G V Mavalanka

Question 20: What is the minimum age required to context Lok Sabha Elections?

A: 20

B: 24

C: 25

D: 30

Answer: 25

Questions 21: Which political party won the most seats in Lok Sabha 2019 Elections?


B: Congress

C: None of the above

Answer: BJP

Questions 22: Who appoints Chief Election Commissioner of India?

A: Prime Minister

B: President

C: None of the above

Answer: President

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Question 23: When did the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 start?

A: April 19, 2024

B: April 22, 2024

C: April 29, 2024

D: May 1, 2024

Answer: April 19, 2024

Question 24: Lok Sabha elections will witness how many electors?

A: 80 crore

B: 96.8 crore

C: 50 crore

D: None of the above 

Answer: 96.8 crore

Question 25: How many first time voters are there in Lok Sabha elections 2024?

A: 85 lakh

B: 1 crore

C: 1.5 crore

D: None of the above 

Answer: 85 lakh

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