I use this stuff on my heels when backpacking and can confirm: it prevents blisters on my extremely blister-prone feet!

Promising review: “This works great! I have trouble finding sandals that don’t in some way rub me wrong, and this stuff has come to the rescue. I apply it liberally to my ankles and toes — anywhere that tends to rub and get irritated, and it makes a huge difference! I’m able to wear a pair of sandals all day and well into the night that I normally wouldn’t be able to wear past lunchtime. Great product, and much more versatile than moleskin or bandaids, since this is invisible! I must say, when I misplaced this tiny little stick one day, I used my regular, large-sized body stick instead, and that also worked great on my feet, so I’m not sure if this foot formula is really that special, but it’s not expensive so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt!” —MEG327

Price: $8.99