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This version of the Kindle is incredibly versatile: You can see your screen even in the sun, and you can customize your fonts, size, and layouts.

Promising reviews:Β “I am in love this with this Kindle. I debated which one to get for a while and then decided on this one because it is waterproof and can be read in the sun. I love being at the beach and outside during the summer so it was a must-have for me. So far I have read more and had access to so many more titles than having a hard-copy book. The lighting is just bright enough so that it doesn’t hurt my eyes and is great for reading at night. The battery life has been great. For anyone contemplating getting this, it is worth it.” β€”jennifer

“I LOVE Kindles, and this one is no exception. The warm light is in the pictures as yellow, but it also goes the other way to an ice blue! And the touch response is miles better than the older Kindle; a tap is almost instantly registered. If you are on the fence, just try it! You have my permission and recommendation!” β€”ErikJuun

Get it from Amazon forΒ $149.99+Β (available in three colors and with or without lockscreen ads).