MUMBAI: BJP’s slogan was “400 paar” and the objective was to win over 400 LS seats, but in certain regions, a negative narrative was set that the Constitution would be changed, and the “400 paar” target was linked to it, said Maharashtra CM and Shiv Sena chief Eknath Shinde on Tuesday.
“ People kept this in mind and it backfired. Their vehicle could not even cross 300.In several states they got a major setback. In Maharashtra too, Mahayuti did not get the success it was expecting,” said the BJP ally.
Praising PM Modi, Shinde said he had worked for the last 10 years without a holiday. “But what happened? The narrative that was set harmed us in some places. We suffered losses in Maharashtra too. The Constitution will be changed, reservations will go… these were the discussions… nothing of this kind was to happen. But the ‘400 paar’ number created all the problems,” he said.
On the issue of support prices for crops, Shinde said India is an agricultural country and the farmer is the provider of food. “No one can be happy if the farmer is unhappy,” he added. He said he would soon meet the Union agriculture minister and demand minimum support prices for onion, cotton and soybean.

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