9 Indie Games You Need to Play Now

Skateboarding through purgatory? Just another Tuesday in Hellskate. Play as Anton Falcon, a skater with a knack for demon-slaying. This isn’t your average skate park; think more fiery pits and demonic obstacles than half-pipes and rails. Pull off tricks to banish evils and grind your way through levels that are as challenging as they are infernal. It’s extreme sports with a supernatural edge — X-Games meets exorcisms.

Go Mecha Ball
Go Mecha Ball offers an explosive mix of pinball dynamics and high-energy twin-stick shooting. Control a self-aware pinball in a world where arcade machines have evolved into complex battle arenas. Navigate through challenging levels, utilising a mix of strategy and reflexes to overcome obstacles and enemies. 

Pacific Drive
Survival horror takes a seat — literally — in the driver’s seat of Pacific Drive. This isn’t just about keeping the car running; it’s about keeping it from becoming a paranormal phenomenon itself. As you navigate the hauntingly beautiful Pacific Northwest, your vehicle becomes both your lifeline and biggest liability. Get ready to manage its mechanics and fend off the supernatural.

Loco Motive
Aboard the Reuss Express in Loco Motive, you find yourself as Arthur Ackerman, a lawyer more used to wills than thrills, now wrapped up in a murder mystery. Navigate a train full of suspects —each more animated than cartoon characters — with puzzles that tickle the brain and dialogue that tickle the funny bone.

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley
Return to the idyllic Moominvalley in Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley, but not everything is as peaceful as it seems. Use your musical skills to subtly undermine the authoritarian Park Ranger, restoring harmony with tunes and stealth. The game blends environmental puzzle-solving with soothing gameplay mechanics to create a narrative-rich, calming experience.

Lil’ Guardsman
Lil’ Guardsman puts you in the shoes of Lil, the city’s youngest and most adorable gatekeeper. While her father is away, Lil uses everything from lie-detecting spray to magical X-ray machines, to check the credentials of city visitors. It’s a game that combines elements of role-playing with real-time strategy, all wrapped up in a whimsical, charming package that proves heavy responsibilities can come in light-hearted forms.

Embark on an otherworldly adventure in Ultros, a game that bends the Metroidvania genre into new dimensions. Explore a mysterious alien ship, solve puzzles that challenge both mind and perception, and uncover secrets in a narrative that’s as deep as the cosmos. With its striking art style and innovative gameplay, Ultros offers a journey that’s as visually stunning as it is intellectually stimulating.

Anomaly Agent
Anomaly Agent throws you into a cyberpunk world where the city never sleeps, and neither do the dangers. Fast-paced action platforming meets precision parkour in neon-lit urban sprawls. Use advanced tech to outmaneuver enemies and overcome obstacles.

Last Epoch
Having honed its edge in Early Access, Last Epoch is now a fully-forged epic that slices into the action RPG genre with precision. Engage in deep, tactical combat, explore sprawling dungeons, and customise your character from a vast array of skills and abilities.The game offers a robust endgame.

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