A R Rahman reveals he had to work on a tight deadline even when his sister was seriously ill

Oscar winning music composer A R Rahman opened up about a personally and professionally challenging situation that he had faced during the initial days of his career. While speaking to a national media, Rahman recalled how one of his sisters had fallen seriously ill and he had to work in the studio on a tight deadline.
“My sister had fallen seriously ill. However, I was at the studio, working on a tight deadline to complete an urgent project. The movie producer was facing financial issues, so, it wasn’t possible for me to postpone the work. I had to complete the songs before 5 pm that day. My mother kept calling me to inform me about my sister’s health condition. But, I didn’t get time to talk to her. I had to finish the work in a few hours and was not in a situation to rush to my sister’s side. Thankfully, I was able to complete the work on time. Thank God, her condition improved by the time I rushed to the hospital,” Rahman said.
Though Rahman does not open up about his personal life often, he had recently spoken about overcoming suicidal thoughts at a young age. He recalled how his mother’s words had helped him go through a dark phase in his life. “When you live for others, you won’t get these thoughts,” he had said in a previous interview.

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