When Brown then asked him to provide evidence the very real shooting was staged, “Rodgers began sharing various theories that have been disproven numerous times,” CNN reported, including the baseless assertion that “men in black in the woods by the school” were actually government operatives.

An anonymous source in the network’s story also recalled Rodgers telling them, “Sandy Hook never happened.”

“All those children never existed. They were all actors,” the athlete reportedly said, adding that he believed the victims’ very real grieving parents were “all making it up.”

The claims Rodgers reportedly made to CNN echo lies spread by InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones now owes nearly $1.5 billion to the victims’ families after claiming falsely that the shooting was a hoax that was staged by “crisis actors” in a plot to increase gun control. Rodgers appeared to express support for Jones during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast last month.

An attorney who represented Sandy Hook victims’ families against Jones went after “massive weirdo” Rodgers on Wednesday in response to the CNN report.

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