CHENNAI: A prominent consumer right group has raised concerns over ‘illegal’ advertisements displayed on govt buses in Tamil Nadu, calling for immediate action from the authorities.
The issue, which was subject to legal scrutiny in the past, has resurfaced with numerous govt buses flaunting full-body advertisements in violation of rules.
In a press statement, Coimbatore Consumer Cause (CCC), gave a reference of their 2009 PIL, which had previously compelled high-ranking officials including the home secretary, transport commissioner and Chennai police commissioner, to appear before the Madras high court.The court’s stringent orders led to the amendment of the rules governing advertisements on stage carriages.
K Kathirmathiyon from CCC said, “Despite these legal provisions, recent observations indicate that many Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) buses are displaying advertisements across their entire exterior, contravening the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicles Rules (TMVR).”
According to TMVR, state carriage buses must obtain a licence from the Regional Transport Authority to display advertisements, and licence fees should be paid to local bodies. Advertisements are only permitted inside the vehicle and on the rear portion of the exterior body, he said.