On Sony Entertainment Television`s captivating show `Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon,` Kavya’s (Sumbul Touqeer Khan)  ex-fiancé, Shubham, portrayed by Anuj Sullere, returns to her life as an IAS officer working as Kavya`s junior assistant. Initially portrayed as a supportive and understanding partner, Shubham`s journey took an unexpected turn when he faced the setback of not clearing the IAS exam, while Kavya succeeded. This blow to his confidence and ego led him down a path of strained relationships and inner turmoil. But now, he has successfully cleared his final attempt at the examination, completed academy training, and is now undergoing practical training under Kavya`s supervision. 
Anuj Sullere shares his feelings about returning to the set, saying, “I recently returned to the set after a break and I felt nostalgic, particularly during my first scene with Sumbul. Sumbul welcomed me warmly, and I have received so much love and warmth from the entire team. Before beginning the shoot, I went for a costume test, and I visited the set a few days prior to catch up with everyone as well.”

Earlier this year, while talking about the intense track of Kavya being accused of Omi`s murder, Sumbul who plays the lead role had said, “So far, viewers have witnessed the tumultuous journey of Kavya through every stage of her life and how she manoeuvres each situation with her presence of mind. With the 9-month leap, viewers will see a rebooted version of Kavya – more bebaak, and more spunky. Her determination to win back everything that is rightfully hers will make her unstoppable! Every situation teaches you something; Kavya has endured it all but she’s always done the right thing. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will follow Kavya’s journey where is resolute in regaining Adi’s love and faith while getting reinstated as an IAS officer.”

Earlier, in an interaction with IANS, Sumbul talked about the show, character, challenges, and the bond she shares with her co-stars. The actress said she found the story very relatable and real. “Real in the sense not someone’s story, but somewhere relatable. So I thought I should do this.”

Talking about her character, Sumbul said, “I think there is one aspect where I can relate to Kavya the most is her passion towards her work, dream and the target. Because in my entire life I never had any other option. I always felt that if I am determined to act, then I will do this only. Because there is no other option for me.”

“If you have a backup plan, you are really not passionate. That’s what I feel, and ‘Kavya’ is also the same. She has one target, and she will do anything for that. If you are passionate about something, you are just gonna get it. I didn’t always want to be an actor, but when I decided, since that moment I am still an actor,” she shared.

Tune in to `Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon` airing every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television.

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