Actor Bala lends a helping hand to Molly Kannamally - Malayalam News

Actress Molly Kannamally had been hospitalized recently due to a serious health issue for quite some time now, and she received support from both inside and outside the film industry. Actor Bala was also among those who helped her, and now Molly and her family have paid a visit to Bala at his home after her hospital stay. Actor Bala recently shared a video of the visit on his Facebook page, captioning it as “Watch the miracle of God.”

bala molly

In the video, Bala clarifies that this was not a planned shoot, but rather the reality of the situation. He goes on to explain how Molly Kannamally, who had played a comedy role in the film Amar Akbar Anthony, was close to death, but thankfully made a recovery. Bala expresses gratitude for everyone’s prayers and credits God’s grace for Molly’s recovery. He then hands over a cheque to Molly for her follow-up treatment.

Molly also shares her experience of witnessing death and how her children had been suffering a lot. She reveals that she had borrowed four lakh rupees in Pattayam when she had a heart attack for the first time, but due to the pandemic, she couldn’t pay it back, and now she owes rupees six lakh. In the video, she also expresses her desire to act in films and how grateful she is to Bala for his help.

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