Actors Shane Nigam and Sreenath Bhasi banned from acting? - Malayalam News

Actors Shane Nigam and Sreenath Bhasi have reportedly been banned by the Kerala Film Producers and FEFKA for alleged bad behavior and drug use. The ban comes after allegations that the actors came to film sets under the influence of drugs and participated in movie interviews while in the same condition. The ban restricts the actors from working on any new projects with the association, except for those projects they had signed up for earlier.

During a press meet, popular Malayalam film producer M Renjith spoke out about the allegations and stated that it was the association’s responsibility to secure women’s rights. Renjith cited an incident where Shane Nigam allegedly walked out of the sets of the upcoming movie ‘RDX’ which is produced by Sophia Paul. Several other producers have also reportedly complained about the actors’ behavior, leading to the decision to stay away from working with them.


Additionally, AMMA general secretary Edavela Babu is set to submit a list of actors who are alleged to be under the influence of drugs to the Government of Kerala. The move comes amid growing concerns about drug use in the Malayalam film industry.

Sreenath Bhasi was previously arrested in September 2022 for allegedly abusing a female anchor during the promotion of the film ‘Chattambi’. The ban on the actors highlights the need for accountability in the industry and the importance of addressing issues related to substance abuse and inappropriate behavior.