Image Source : FILE Adani Solar win Top Performer position for 7th year in a row

In a major achievement for the Adani Group, its solar photovoltaic (PV) arm Adani Solar has been recognised as a top performer in the 10th Edition of Kiwa PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard on Friday. This is the seventh time that the group has been ranked as the top performer by Kiwa PVEL.

After winning the position, Anil Gupta, CEO of Adani Solar said that the recogition reinforces the group’s commitment to excellence. He said, “We are honoured to win the Top Performer position again,” adding “This consistent recognition reinforces our commitment to excellence. Our Indian-made solar PV modules embody advanced technology, premium components, and superior design for unmatched reliability and performance. We thank our stakeholders for their continued support as we uphold the industry’s highest standards and strongest quality controls to foster continual advancement and distinguish Adani Solar in the sector.”

Meanwhile, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Kiwa PVEL Tristan Erion-Lorico congratulated Adani Solar team and said, “We are pleased to see Adani Solar appear in our report once again, and we hope to see the company’s continued growth in the near future.”

What is Kiwa PVEL?

Notably, Kiwa PVEL is a leading independent laboratory serving the downstream solar industry. They release the annual scorecard that highlights manufacturers that have produced PV modules demonstrating noteworthy results in independent testing.

With its most comprehensive testing scheme Product Qualification Program (PQP) it evaluates PV module reliability and quality through rigorous testing procedures. Adani Solar’s PV modules successfully completed the PQP testing, demonstrating industry-leading reliability and performance metrics. With this recognition, Adani Solar is the only Indian manufacturer to have maintained Top Performer status for seven consecutive years.

Adani Solar: First and only manufacturer with existing 4 GW cell and module

It is worth noting that Adani Solar is the first Indian solar manufacturing company to vertically integrate businesses offering services across the spectrum of PV manufacturing. It is the first and only vertically integrated solar PV manufacturer with existing 4 GW cell and module, and 2 GW ingot and wafer manufacturing units in India. 

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