Image Source : AP Melania Trump with former US President Donald Trump

Melania Trump, the wife of former US President Donald Trump, has several missed key events— from the kickoff of the 2024 election in Iowa to Trump’s Super Tuesday victory party — there have been speculations about her whereabouts. Some guesses were “wild” to believe. Multiple media even questioned the status of their relationships. The hypotheses went even worse after Trump was convicted of 34 felony charges. She did not even commented after her husband was charged in a hush money trial which revealed explosive sexual fantasies of the former President. 

Where is Melania?

Some of the testimony aired how Trump allegedly had sex with porn actor Stormy Daniels in July 2006, about four months after Melania had given birth to Barron. Melania Trump did not post anything on her social media accounts after her husband was convicted on 34 felony counts. That’s in contrast to Trump’s elder sons, who quickly condemned the verdict. Daughter Ivanka Trump posted on Instagram a photo of her as a toddler with a younger Trump and the message “I love you, dad.” Tiffany Trump, his younger daughter, accompanied him to the courthouse last month for the trial’s closing arguments.

“I think it’s very hard for her,” Trump said about his wife, in an interview with Fox News after the verdict. “I mean, she’s fine. But, you know, she has to read all this crap.”

Melania won’t be an active First Lady if Trump wins 

Amid these reports, a new media coverage claimed Melania had a deal with her husband. According to a report by Page Six, if Trump wins the White House, Melania would not be on full-time first lady duty. A Trumpworld insider says, “Melania has made a deal with her husband that if he wins the presidency she will not have to be on first lady duty 24/7.”

The development comes as it’s speculated that their son, Barron Trump, will attend New York University in the fall. “She’s a hands-on mother and is already planning to spend part of every month, and potentially every week in NYC,” should Barron, 18, attend NYU, a source told Page Six. According to the media report, Melania is a very caring mother and she wants to stand beside her son who will be stepping out for the first time.

Barron would need additional adjustment to college life if his dad would be the next US President.  “She feels safe in NYC and in Trump Tower herself, and it’s Barron’s home, and that’s why she wants him to go to school in NYC. She can provide both emotional and physical support by being close. Everyone remembers how she delayed moving to Washington, DC, until Barron finished school,” according to the report. 

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