New controversy over renting office space in Ahmedabad arised as some complained that were denied space owing to the fact that they are Muslims.

A Reddit user expressed, he and his colleagues were looking to rent an office space in Makarba and had managed to find one suitable place. And everything went smoothly till ‘the owner discovered we are Muslim.’

“Suddenly, he drops this bombshell: he refuses to create a rent agreement with Muslims. Yes, you read that right. He blatantly said he cannot rent out the office to us solely because of our religion, citing he doesn’t have any issue personally, it’s just the rule of that commercial society, ” user said

“Our broker tried to reason with him, suggesting that we can form an LLP or Pvt Ltd, but he shut that down too, insisting there needs to be a non-Muslim partner in any firm to rent the office. It’s 2024, and this is the backward mentality we’re dealing with, ” he further added

“We have every right to access opportunities based on our qualifications and merit, not our religious beliefs. This needs to change. We need to stand up against discrimination in all its forms and demand a society that respects everyone equally.”

The post had sharp reactions on reddit.

“That’s actually the worrying part as they are trying to do that . Gujratis in Mumbai are getting a lot of flack due to them having a business in a highly populated area.

Look gujrat in general and especially post 2002 hates Muslims unless you are a bohri or another type of Muslim I forgot what they are. Speaking gujrati in Gujarat would have solved 50% of your problem,” one said.

Another added, “Like OYO for hotels, there could be a market for HFA (hate-free accommodation) office and residential rentals. Since the government won’t act, the free market could force the hand of renters.”

“You don’t know they are Gujrati’s, they are officially entitled in our country.

They don’t join the army but are foremost to talk about patriotism, they scam their own countrymen, create bad debt for national banks and abscond but still are called businessmen… They even give up their nationality to become American or European so that India can have a voice from outside and called themselves diaspora,” the thirsd added.