AI tricks to land you that dream job

Anyone who has gone through the struggle of searching for a job will tell you that by far the most annoying process in applying for a job is a cover letter. The second is matching your resume to the job profile. Coordinating your resume to be in line with the job description significantly enhances your chances of landing an interview. With generative AI, this process is reduced to a few steps. Of course, as with anything AI-generated, please make sure to check all the content before submitting.
Lets start with the resume

A good size resume is one that fills up two pages and has all the details your employer needs to know about you. Since there is a space restriction, most people with mid-level careers will end up cherry picking details and leaving out things not relevant to a particular profile. For AI, though, it is best to leave it all in, every achievement every skill you have leave it all in and let the AI do its magic. For those with not much on their resume, its best to let AI fib a bit on your existing roles.

First you need to extract the keywords out of a job description and match it with the keywords in your resume. You will want to figure out the most important keywords and figure out the prominence of those in your resume.

Start with this prompt: Imagine you are an experienced recruiter and you will now help me secure this job. Then upload your resume to, let’s assume, ChatGPT. 

Then use this prompt: I need you to look at this job description and list the keywords. I want you to give me a weightage of those keywords in a table starting with the most important then movie lower down the ranks. Then check my resume and let me know how much of a match it is. Tell me which keywords are missing and where in my resume I can sneak them in without changing the core accuracy of my resume. 

Job Description: Paste the JD here. It will tell you the most important keywords and then tell you which ones are missing from your resume and the places you could add them.

Bonus: Or, you can use this prompt and have Chat GPT do it:

Can you make the changes and edit the necessary sections. The tell me which text i need to replace to make my resume a top selection for this job. Please use the information that is already present on the resume do not add anything but feel free to make it sound more eloquent.

It will tell you what paragraphs you need edit and add information to get noticed for the job in question.

Bonus2: Give ChatGPT complete control with this prompt: Can you formulate a new resume based on everything you know about the job and my CV make sure you don’t add information that isn’t on the CV. The CV should be a maximum of 2 A4 sheets.

Make sure you verify everything ChatGPT is referencing in your resume and call it out when it starts making up things.
Let’s move on to the cover letter

Use this prompt: I need a cover letter for this job as well. Can you write one using my uploaded resume and pasted job description? Don’t write any false information and use only the points from my resume and job description to write the letter. 

Now you have both a custom CV and cover letter.

What of the interview?
You can prepare for the job interview by playing with ChatGPT.
Use this prompt: Now I would like you to pretend you are the HR of the company I just applied for and I would like you to conduct a first interview. Ask me all the questions you would need to ask to make sure I am good fit technically and culturally. 
It will now give you a series of questions your potential employer might ask. What about the answers? Let ChatGPT finish its generating. 

Then ask it this: Can you formulate the best answers you can using all the details you know about the job description and the resume I shared? 
The answers here come from the resume, hence it is very necessary to have a resume with all you achievements available for GPT to play with. You can also make the session interactive and ask it to score your answers. You will have to type them in but its a good way to practice.

Add this to the previous prompt: Let’s make this an interactive session. Ask me one question at a time, let me respond. After the interview ends, I want you to rate my answers and tell me where I could improve.

While it is tempting to have ChatGPT formulate answers to these questions. Try answering them honestly and keep practicing till ChatGPT says every answer is good or until you are satisfied.
Technical round

For the final recruitment test you already know what to do. Use ChatGPT of course, but add an extra prompt so you know how it solved your problem, so you can explain to the recruiter how you solved the technical question they asked you.

Use this prompt: Can you solve this and explain to me step by step how you solved it.: <Enter your question here>
This prompt should get you through any technical round that is not a live interactive session.

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