NEW DELHI: To end traffic chaos to some extent at AIIMS, the authorities have decided to start a paid valet parking service across its campuses to better cater to the parking needs of patients and staff.
The outsourcing process for these valet services is expected to be completed by July 31. According to officials, the institute serves over 30,000 patients and staff members daily, and while adequate parking spaces are available, many have requested a more convenient parking solution.In response, the administration has decided to launch a new valet service to enhance the overall experience and convenience for those visiting the institute.
Elaborating features of the valet service, officials said that paid valet parking services will be available across all campuses, including at emergency, OPD, and major entry points of the main hospital, each block, and centers. To accommodate long-stay of patients and staff, daily, weekly, and monthly ‘valet parking passes’ will be available in addition to hourly rates.
Individuals coming to the premises will need to park their vehicles in the designated paid parking zones and pay the required fees. However, staff members’ vehicles displaying the official AIIMS parking sticker will be allowed to park in the assigned staff parking spots without incurring any extra parking costs.
The authorities have announced that the process of outsourcing valet services will be carried out through a transparent bidding procedure on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) using the H1 method, with contracts awarded to trustworthy service providers. “Valet parking rates will be pre-determined by AIIMS New Delhi. The chosen outsourcing company will be required to clearly display these rates at all vehicle collection points and strictly adhere to them without any deviations,” said an official.
To ensure convenience and transparency for users, the valet parking service provider will be obligated to implement a fully digital system for both ticketing and payment transactions. This measure aims to streamline the process and maintain a clear record of all transactions related to the valet parking services.
The service provider will deploy an adequate number of drivers to ensure that no vehicle remains at the pickup points for more than 2 minutes. Valet drivers will possess valid driving licenses, wear distinct uniforms, display name badges, and maintain professional grooming standards. Provisions will be included to incentivize good service based on patient feedback, and disincentives will be applied for negative feedback.
Director Dr. M. Srinivas, said, “This initiative is aimed at providing a hassle-free parking solution, ensuring that our visitors can focus on their health and well-being without worrying about parking issues.”