A passenger traveling with Air India faced a frustrating situation that resulted in him missing his scheduled flight. The passenger had originally booked a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore, set to depart at 9.00 am. However, at 5.15 am, he received a message informing him that the departure time had been changed to 11.45 am. Adjusting his plans accordingly, he prepared for the new departure time.

To his surprise and dismay, just half an hour before the revised departure time, the passenger received another message stating that the flight had been rescheduled again, this time to 9.25 am.The passenger expressed his frustration on social media, stating, “I am now going to miss my flight as I timed my departure based on your earlier message. Why do you do this? Can’t you handle a simple domestic flight?” He also shared screenshots of the flight timing changes to support his claim.
The post, shared on July 4, quickly gained traction on social media, garnering over five lakh views and more than 5,300 likes.
Air India responded to the passenger’s complaint, and said,”Dear Sir, Thank you for speaking with us. As we investigate the reasons for the change in departure times, we have provided you with the option of an alternate flight or a full refund. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused & look forward to serving you again.”
The incident sparked a discussion among social media users, with many expressing their own frustrations with the airline. One user wrote, “Does anyone know what DGCA does?”.
Another user commented,” Stopped flying with Air India. Absolute nightmare for last minute travel.”