Air India passenger posts on social media after he finds metal blade in food served on flight

Air India passenger finds metal blade in food served on flight. Photo Courtesy: Mathures Paul X page

An Air India passenger recently claimed he found a ‘metal blade’ in the food served to him while he was travelling from Bengaluru to San Francisco.

Journalist Mathures Paul wrote about his experience on his X handle.

He wrote: “Air India food can cut like a knife. Hiding in its roasted sweet potato and fig chaat was a metal piece that looked like a blade. I got a feel of it only after chewing the grub for a few seconds. Thankfully, no harm was done. Of course, the blame squarely lies with Air India’s catering service but the incident doesn’t help the image I have of Air India. What if the metal piece was in the food served to a child?”

He further said: “First picture shows the metal piece that I spat out and the second picture shows the meal before it put metal into my life.”

He shared pictures of the meal and the ‘metal blade’ found in it.

Meanwhile, Air India was quick in replying and said: “Dear Mr. Paul, we are sorry to know about this. This does not represent the level of service we aim to provide to our passengers. Please DM us your booking details along with your seat number. We’ll ensure this matter is promptly reviewed and addressed.”

Recently, a doctor in Mumbai discovered a human finger in an ice cream he ordered online, media reports said.

Doctor Orlem Brandon Serrao, who resides in suburban Malad, had asked his sister to include some ice creams in her online grocery order, reported NDTV.

While he was savouring the ice cream, he felt something in his mouth, which felt like a nut, but to his horror and dismay—it was actually a human finger.

A photo shared online shows a human finger sticking out of the ice cream.

In a video statement, Serrao shared his distressing experience, adding that he luckily did not swallow it.