Actor Ali Mercchant took`s `Asli Mumbaikar` quiz as he opened up about his favourites in the city.

Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji?

I love Pav Bhaji because it has a lot more masala and I love the vibrant and a bit spicy taste of it, which serves my taste buds with some of the satisfying aroma. Whenever it rains, I surely have it with all my heart for at least once.

Rickshaw or Kaali Peeli?

Rickshaw any day because it feels the same as wearing a lungi, there is natural air everywhere, and it feels so open and relaxed. Since childhood, I have been used to travelling most often in an auto and I have rarely travelled in a Kaali Peeli taxi.

Bandra Bandstand or Juhu Beach?

Bandra Bandstand, as I was born and brought up in Bandra. It used to be my daily early morning cycling spot, which I loved a lot. Even now, if I get a bit of time from my work, I love to visit Bandstand and it also holds some of the best memories from my childhood.

Gateway of India or Marine Drive?

Marine Drive, as Mumbai ends there, and I love the Queen`s Necklace that is Marines Lines, so if I ever go towards town, I try to visit and experience the waves of the sea. I love to walk at Marine Drive, which is truly amazing.

Local train or BEST bus?

None but trains, as the sound of local trains brings in a lot of peace and fresh air, and when we see the Mumbai city from a parallel view, it is a delight. And Mumbai locals also help you learn a lot of things.

Tapri ki chai or Sol Kadhi?

Tapri ki chai is the best as it has no comparison, and as it`s raining in Mumbai, a tapri chai will give the best boost to your lazy mood.

Watching a play at Prithvi theatre or watching a movie at Gaiety Galaxy?

I enjoy both as they serve me with different contents, and I also get to know more about the core acting in theatre shows. I learn so many things from movies, so, both are my favourites. Gaiety Galaxy is where I saw movies for the first time, and it was next to my college, so it used to be a major hangout, and Prithvi, because in my theatre days, I used to go to Prithvi and learn, watch, and participate as I wanted to be an actor, and it has taught me a lot.

Favourite place in Mumbai?

My new house is above the 50th floor, and I feel like I am in the middle of the clouds and can see the entire city of Mumbai from my balcony.

Favourite restaurant in Mumbai?

There are too many to mention, but yes, sea food restaurants and sea food are what I love.

The Mumbai lingo you use the most?

Bhamai, Bantai, Bachchi, and more Bombay slangs feel so young and vibrant. I love it.

What do you love most about the city?

Mumbai is my birthplace; it’s an emotion. It has given me everything. And wherever I go in the world, in the end, I need to come back to my house in Mumbai.

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