Popular Indian playback singer, Alka Yagnik is known for her melodious voice and some very hit Bollywood songs. However, the singer has been missing in action for quite some time now. Breaking her silence on this matter, Alka took to social media on June 18th where she revealed her reason for not having been seen for a while now. In a lengthy post, Alka shared that she has been diagnosed with “a rare sensor neural nerve hearing loss, due to a viral attack” and her poor health has been keeping her away from the public eye.
Sharing details of her health issues, Alka Yagnik wrote, “To all my fans, friends, followers and well-wishers. A few weeks ago, as I walked out of a flight, I suddenly felt I was not able to hear anything. Having mustered some courage in the weeks following the episode, I want to break my silence now for all my friends and well-wishers who have been asking me why I’m missing in action.”

Alka Yagnik Diagnosed With Rare Hearing Loss, Asks Fans For Support: Suddenly I Was Not Able To Hear Anything

Talking about what led to her hearing loss, she further shared, “It has been diagnosed by my docs as a rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss, due to a viral attack…This sudden, major setback has caught me completely unaware. As I attempt to come to terms with it please keep me in your prayers.”
Alka also warned her fans and followers against loud music and the use of earphones as they could lead to hearing impairment. “For my fans and young colleagues, I would add a word of caution regarding exposure to very loud music and headphones. One day, I wish to share the health perils of my professional life,” she said.
The playback singer further said that she’ll be taking a break from her professional life for some time to focus on her health. “With all your love and support I am hoping to recalibrate my life and come back to you soon. Your support and understanding will mean the world to me in this critical hour,” she added.
How use of earphones can lead to hearing loss
1. High volume levels
Prolonged exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can damage the hair cells in the inner ear– this in turn can lead to permanent hearing loss.
2. Using headphones for long durations
Listening to music or other audio through earphones for extended periods without breaks increases the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.
3. Earbuds vs. over-ear headphones
Earbuds, which sit directly in the ear canal, can deliver sound more directly to the eardrum. This can cause more ear damage compared to over-ear headphones.
4. Sound pressure levels
Using earphones can cause high sound pressure levels that can stress and fatigue the auditory system. All of this in the long run can lead to hearing loss.
How to prevent hearing damage while using headphones?
A simple trick is to follow the 60/60 rule– which means, listening at 60% volume for not more than 60 minutes at a stretch. This will give your ears ample rest in between using headphones for a longer duration, thus preventing excessive exposure to loud sounds leading to potential hearing damage.

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