Image Source : FILE PHOTO Kuwait tragedy: All you need to know about KG Abraham, owner of the building that caught fire.

KG Abraham, a prominent Kerala businessman and managing director of the NBTC Group, is linked to the tragic fire in Mangaf, Kuwait, where 45 Indians, including 24 from Kerala, lost their lives. Abraham, co-producer of the acclaimed film “Aadujeevitham” depicting the struggles of a Malayali worker in Saudi Arabia, oversees the company where most victims were employed.

Arrests and investigations

On Thursday, a Kuwaiti citizen and several foreigners were arrested on charges of negligence related to security and safety measures. The public prosecution has launched an investigation to determine the fire’s cause, with initial local reports suggesting a possible gas leak.

Incident details

The fire, which broke out in a seven-story building housing 196 migrant workers, resulted in 49 deaths and 50 injuries. The building is reportedly owned by the NBTC Group, which operates across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, offering engineering, construction, hotel, logistics, and retail services.

KG Abraham’s background

Hailing from Niranam in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district, Abraham, 69, moved to Kuwait in 1976. Starting with a civil engineering diploma and a job at a construction company, he later became a partner in NBTC, expanding it into a major employer with 15,000 employees. Abraham also leads the KG Group, produced “Aadujeevitham,” and owns luxury hotels and a supermarket chain in Kuwait. Known for his charitable activities, he has criticized the Kerala government’s handling of expatriate-raised flood relief funds.

NBTC group’s response

NBTC Group has pledged full assistance to the affected families. In a press release, the company stated it would provide Rs 8 lakh to each victim’s family and assured further support, including employment opportunities and insurance payouts. The group emphasised its commitment to transparent communication and aid for the injured and deceased workers’ families.

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