Amarnath Yatra begins today: The annual pilgrimage began today after the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Sinha flagged off the first batch of Amarnath Yatra pilgrims from the Amarnath Yatra base camp in Jammu on Friday morning. The Amarnath Yatra will continue this year till August 19. 

Lakhs of devotees will visit Baba Barfani temple in Amarnath during this period. If you are also planning to join Amarnath Yatra this year, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to prepare for the annual pilgrimage which also requires physical fitness and acclimatisation to cold temperature. 

Do’s for the Yatris

– Collect your RFID Card from designated locations in Jammu and Kashmir before beginning your Yatra.

-Do not keep the RFID card inside your bag, and wear it all the time during your Amarnath Yatra.

-Wear comfortable clothes.

-Stay hydrated, and carry food items like dry fruits, almonds, ORS, electro powder, etc, to maintain energy levels.

-Wear comfortable shoes, preferably trekking shoes.

– Yatris are advised to walk slowly while ascending and acclimate themselves.

-Be aware about how your body feels and make sure to carry all your medications with you.

Don’ts for the Yatris

– No yatri is allowed to enter the Yatra area without an RFID card.

– Yatris must avoid exerting themselves beyond their capacities and take frequent breaks and rests en route.

– Yatris must avoid polluting the environment by littering waste material along the trekking route and in the s

Yatris are advised not to commence the journey on an empty stomach.

– Yatris must avoid drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks and smoking.

– Yatris should not attempt to take any shortcuts en route and watch out for “danger zone” signages where they must move cautiously.