Amazon Coolest Deals of the summer: Grab massive discounts on home and kitchen appliances

Welcome to the Amazon Coolest Deals of the Summer! Beat the heat with exclusive discounts on a range of essential appliances. Stay cool and comfortable with deals on air coolers and ceiling fans. Ensure your family’s health with discounted water purifiers. Whip up refreshing and healthy drinks with mixer grinders at unbeatable prices. Keep your home spotless with discounted vacuum cleaners. Don’t miss out on these amazing offers to upgrade your home essentials and stay cool all summer long. Shop now and make the most of the Amazon Coolest Deals of the Summer!

Save big on home and kitchen appliances during Amazon Summer Deals of the summer

Air coolers

Grab up to 45 percent off on premium Air coolers during Amazon summer sale. We have multiple brands like Crompton and Symphony so you get the best options with the coolest deals.

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Crompton Ozone is a high performance portable desert air cooler with multiple speed settings and wood wool cooling pads. It features a large 75L water tank with an air throw of up to 52 feet. The air cooler lets draws 190 watts of power to deliver quick and efficient cooling. It can even run on inverter for areas where power cuts are imminent. The body is durable and rust free, making it easy to clean and stay like new for years to come.

Specifications of Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Capacity: 75 litres

Air Delivery: 4200 CMH

Air Throw: 52 feet

Power: 190 watts

Dimensions: 61 x 40.5 x 120 cm

Suitable Area: Up to 550 sq. ft.

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
High air flow capacity (4200 CMH) No remote control
Durable, rust-free body No trolley included

2. Symphony HI FLO Air Cooler

Symphony HI FLO Air cooler boasts a large coverage area to cool down rooms with up to 16 square meters area. The honeycomb cooling pads are durable and at the same time cools down the air quicker. The i-Pure technology from Symphony employs advanced filters that also clean the air coming out of the coolers. The cooler only consumes 150 watts of power, enabling it to work with inverters so you can enjoy cool air even during the power cuts.

Specifications of Symphony HI FLO Air Cooler

Mounting Type: Freestanding

Air Flow Capacity: 2700 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Reservoir Capacity: 27 litres

Coverage Area: Up to 16 square meters

Wattage: 150 Watts

Material: Plastic

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Low power consumption (150 watts) Limited to rooms up to 16 square meters
Effective air purification with i-Pure Technology Plastic material might not be as durable as metal

The Crompton Marvel Neo 40 comes with a 40 L tank for long-lasting cooling without refills. The cooler is sufficient to cool down a room size of 150 sq. ft. efficiently. It features a faster air delivery of 1300 cubic meters per hour with an ice chamber when the temperature is high and requires faster cooling. The cooler is compact and lightweight at 4 kilograms when empty, making it easily be moved around in the house.

Specifications of Crompton Marvel Neo Desert Air Cooler

Brand: Crompton

Mounting Type: Freestanding

Special Feature: Auto Fill

Air Flow Capacity: 1300 CMPH

Reservoir Capacity: 40 litres

Controls Type: Remote

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
High-density honeycomb pad for prolonged cooling No remote control
Energy-efficient with 165 watts power consumption Manual operation only

4. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet Tower air cooler is a high performance personal cooler with 12 litres tank capacity. It features the signature i-Pure technology from Symphony for cleaner air. The long-lasting Dura pump paired with honeycomb pads distributes water evenly for quick and efficient cooling. The powerful blower fan provides instant cooling anytime and the low power consumption save energy and can be operated on inverted for uninterrupted cooling during power cuts in summer. Its compact design and castor wheels lets you move the cooler easily around the room.

Specifications of Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Coverage Area: Up to 12 square meters

Clean Air with i-Pure Technology

High-Efficiency Cooling

Tank Capacity: 12 litres with water level indicator

Powerful Blower

Low Power Consumption: 170 watts

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Clean air with i-Pure Technology Suitable for small rooms only
Energy-efficient and inverter compatible Limited water tank capacity (12 litres)

Ceiling Fans


Ceiling fan is an efficient way to cool down your space with high airflow and improve the decor cool designs. Grab up to 50 percent off on best ceiling fans during Amazon Coolest Deals sale.

The Crompton Sea Sapphira Ceiling Fan, with its Lustre Brown finish, is designed to deliver high performance and durability. It features a powerful 100% copper motor with double ball bearings, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. The fan has a sweep of 1200 mm, consumes only 51 watts, and delivers air at 210 CMM with a speed of 380 RPM. Its powder-coated blades are corrosion-resistant, adding to its longevity and aesthetic appeal. This fan is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, providing a high velocity of air for optimal comfort.

Specifications of Crompton Sea Sapphira Ceiling Fan

Power Consumption: 51 Watts

Speed: 380 RPM

Air Delivery: 210 CMM

Sweep: 1200 mm

Material: Aluminium

Number of Speeds: 3

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
High air delivery of 210 CMM Limited to 3-speed settings
Low power consumption of 51 watts Basic design with no advanced features

The ACTIVA Apsra Brown Ceiling Fan is a powerful and efficient fan designed to provide superior airflow in various rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, guest rooms, basements, and offices. With a high-speed motor operating at 390 RPM, it delivers impressive airflow while maintaining a low noise level of 28 dB. The fan features 1200 mm blades that ensure a wide conical spread of air. It is equipped with double ball bearings for smooth operation and increased durability. The energy-efficient design consumes just 50 W of power, making it a cost-effective cooling solution.

Specifications of Activa Apsra High Speed Ceiling Fan

Powerful Airflow: 390 RPM

Blade Sweep: 1200 mm

Noise Level: 28 dB

Power Consumption: 50 W

Double Ball Bearing: Enhanced stability and lifespan

Aerodynamically Designed Blades: Optimized airflow and reduced noise

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Powerful airflow for comfort Requires self-installation
Energy-efficient operation Repair only at service centre

The DIGISMART Smoke Brown Ceiling Fan offers a blend of style and functionality for your living space. Its exclusive high-flow technology ensures efficient air circulation, ideal for larger rooms like living rooms and bedrooms. This energy-efficient fan operates at 850 RPM, delivering an airflow rate of 210 CMM while consuming only 50 watts of power. The fan’s powder-coated aluminum blades are not only easy to clean but also corrosion-resistant. With a rust-proof body, wide blade set, and aerodynamic design, this fan ensures a smooth flow of air, enhancing your comfort while reducing noise levels.

Specifications of DIGISMART Smoke Brown Ceiling Fan


Colour: Smoke Brown

Electric Fan Design: Ceiling Fan

Power Source: Corded Electric

Style: Classic

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Energy-efficient May not suit modern decor
High airflow rate  

The V-Guard Windle Deco Ceiling Fan in Admiral Blue is a stylish and powerful addition to your living room. With a 1.2-meter sweep and 215 m³/min air delivery, it ensures superior cooling in every corner. The high-speed 380 RPM motor, made of 100% copper, provides reliable air flow. This fan is energy-efficient, saving up to 34% on electricity bills compared to conventional 53W fans. Its modern design and powder-coated glossy finish make it a statement piece that enhances your home’s ambiance.

Specifications of V-Guard Windle Deco Ceiling Fan

Brand: V-Guard

Colour: Admiral Blue

Electric Fan Design: Ceiling Fan

Power Source: Electricity

Room Type: Living Room

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Superior cooling and air delivery Might be pricey for some budgets
High-speed 380 RPM motor Requires electricity

Water purifiers

Bring home a water purifier this summer and stay healthy by drinking pure water. During Amazon’s Coolest Deals on water purifiers, you can grab massive discounts of up to 50 percent on water purifiers.

The water purifier from HUL features a 10 litres tank, ensures safe drinking water using multistage water purifying technology. It features UV sterilization that kills more than 99 percent bacteria, virus, and cyst. The Smartsense technology alerts you beforehand and stop dispensing water if the filter hasn’t been changed to ensure that you always get safe drinking water. The high speed purification of 24LPH ensures provides filtered water every time.

Specifications of HUL Pureit Eco 10L Water Purifier

Brand: HUL Pureit

Special Feature: RO, RO+

Product Dimensions: 36L x 29.4W x 48.8H cm

Installation Type: Wall Mounted, Countertop

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 10 litres

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Saves up to 60% more water May require additional accessories for installation
Enriches water with essential minerals Higher power consumption

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The Native by UC Water Purifier is a revolutionary product with a 2-year filter life, reducing service costs. Its IoT smart features allow monitoring via an app, ensuring water quality. With 10-stage purification including RO, UV, and UF, it provides pure water enriched with copper and essential minerals. The dispenser offers auto modes for glass and bottle filling, along with a retractable tray and taste adjuster. However, it requires an active power supply to dispense water.

Specifications of Urban Company Native M2

Special Feature: Needs no service for 2 years & IoT smart features

Material: Polypropylene plastic (Food-grade tank)

Capacity: 8 litres

Installation Type: Wall Mounted only

Purification Method: 10 Stage Purification – RO+UV+UF+MTDS

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
2-year filter life, reducing service costs Requires an active power supply to dispense water
IoT smart features for monitoring Limited capacity of 8 litres

The Aquaguard Water Purifier offers advanced purification with its RO Maxx technology, ensuring 99 percent bacteria and virus reduction. It comes with a large 6.2-litre capacity and is suitable for wall-mounted or counter top installation. It infuses water with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, improving taste and quality. The long-lasting cartridge purifies up to 6000 litres of water, while smart LED indicators provide reminders for service and filter life warnings. The purifier includes a free service plan worth 2000, providing free installation, one maintenance visit, and unlimited repair visits within a year.

Specifications of Aquaguard Delight NXT Lite

Capacity: 6.2 litres

Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis, Mineral Charge

Special Features: Change Filter Indicator, Reduce TDS, Mineral Charge

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Installation Type: Wall-mounted, Countertop

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Superior purification & RO Maxx tech. Initial cost might be higher than local purifiers.
Free service plan & warranty included. Installation may require additional plumbing.

The Livpure Allura Premia Water Purifier offers comprehensive water purification with 10-stage advanced filtration, including RO, UV, UF, copper, alkaline, and mineralizer technologies. Its in-tank UV sterilization ensures water is free from harmful microorganisms, providing safe and clean drinking water. With a 7-liter storage capacity, it reduces the need for frequent refills. Additionally, the purifier comes with a 30-month warranty covering all aspects, offering long-term reliability without service costs.

Specifications of Livpure Allura Premia Water Purifier

Brand: Livpure

Special Feature: Chlorine Reduction

Purification Method: RO, UV, UF, Copper, Alkaline, Mineralizer

Capacity: 7 liters

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
10-stage advanced purification for high-quality water Wall mount installation may not be suitable for all kitchens
30-month comprehensive warranty with no service cost 7-liter capacity might be insufficient for larger families

Mixer grinders

Grab a mixer grinder for your kitchen during the Amazon’s Coolest deals of the summer. Grab more than 40 percent off on mixer grinders from popular brands like Bosch, Philips, and Bajaj.

The Bosch True Mixx Mixer Grinder is a high-performance kitchen appliance designed to make your cooking easier. With a powerful 1000W motor and unique blunt Pounding Blade, it delivers an authentic texture and taste by mimicking the pounding effect on dry ingredients. This mixer grinder features hands-free operation with lid-locks and strong suction feet for stability. It comes with high-grade stainless steel jars and ergonomic handles for easy use. The concealed bush ensures contamination-free mixing and grinding, and the overload protector guarantees safe operations. Its sleek black design adds a modern touch to any kitchen.

Specifications of Bosch True Mixx Mixer Grinder

Brand: Bosch

Colour: Black

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Special Feature: Overload Protection

Capacity: 1.4 litres

Controls Type: Plastic

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Powerful 1000W motor for efficient grinding Slightly heavy at 5200 grams
Hands-free operation with unique lid-locks Higher price compared to some competitors

The Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder is a powerful and efficient kitchen appliance, designed for heavy-duty grinding. Equipped with a 750W Turbo Motor, it ensures smooth grinding even for tough ingredients. The grinder comes with three stainless steel jars; a 1.5-liter wet jar, a 1-liter multipurpose jar, and a 0.3-liter chutney jar. It features a 3-speed control with a pulse function, allowing for versatile use. The advanced air ventilation system and sturdy coupler ensure long-lasting performance.

Specifications of Philips HL7756/01 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Motor Warranty: 5 Years

Product Warranty: 2 Years

Number of Jars: 3 (1.5L Wet Jar, 1L Multipurpose Jar, 0.3L Chutney Jar)

Wattage: 750 W

Voltage: 230 V

Speed Control: 3 Speed Control + Pulse

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Powerful 750W Turbo Motor Noise level may be high
Advanced air ventilation for continuous grinding  

Bajaj GX-1 Mixer Grinder comes with a powerful 500 watt motor with a high 20000 RPM for faster grinding and chopping. The mixer grinder features three stainless steel jars with different capacity to grind as you want. It comes with three speed controls to ensure the perfect grinding that you want. Additionally, it includes a motor overload protector for added durability and safety. The Bajaj GX-1 comes with a 1-year warranty.

Specifications of Bajaj GX-1 Mixer Grinder

Wattage: 500W

Voltage: 220-240V

Jar Capacities: 1.20L, 0.8L, 0.4L

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Body Material: ABS Plastic

Motor Overload Protector: Yes

Speed Control: 3-speeds

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Durable stainless steel blades May emit an initial burning smell
Versatile with multiple speed settings Not dishwasher safe

The Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to cater to various culinary tasks. It comes with specialized jars for liquidizing, dry grinding, and chutney preparation. Its stainless steel blades efficiently grind ingredients to a smooth paste or powder. With a 3-speed control motor and a multi-functional blade system, this appliance is perfect for blending, grinding, and smoothie-making. Note that it may emit an initial burning smell due to evaporating varnish, which is normal during the first use.

Specifications of Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder

Brand: Lifelong

Colour: Black

Capacity: 1.5 litres

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Voltage: 220 Volts

Wattage: 500 Watts

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Powerful 1000 Watt motor Not cordless, limiting mobility
Large 10-litre capacity Cloth filter may require frequent cleaning

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Vacuum cleaners


Vacuum cleaners are going for a huge discount during the Amazon Coolest Deals of the summer. Grab top deals on best vacuum cleaners with powerful suction to ensure clean home.

The AGARO ACE Vacuum Cleaner offers powerful cleaning with its 1600 Watts motor and 22 kPa suction power. Its 5-stage filtration process and HEPA filter ensure thorough cleaning, making it ideal for hard floors. The 21 litres stainless steel dust collection jar is durable and easy to clean. With a flexible hose and included attachments like the floor brush and crevice nozzle, it provides versatile cleaning options. However, its corded design limits mobility, and at 7220 grams, it’s relatively heavy. Overall, the AGARO ACE is a reliable choice for those seeking efficient cleaning with a sturdy build and multiple accessories.

Specifications of AGARO ACE Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: AGARO

Special Feature: Wheels

Filter Type: HEPA Filter

Included Components: Floor Brush, Flexible Hose Pipe, Adjustable Tube, Crevice Nozzle, Cleaning Brush, Wet Brush

Capacity: 21 litres

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Powerful 1600 Watts motor Corded design limits mobility
22 Kpa suction power Relatively heavy at 7220 grams

The Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile cleaning tool suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its 1400 Watts copper motor delivers powerful suction of 20 KPA, efficiently removing dust and dirt. The vacuum cleaner features a large 20-litre capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying the dust tank. It includes a range of accessories for various cleaning needs, such as a flexible hosepipe, extension tubes, and different brushes. The product also comes with post-purchase virtual demo support for ease of use. However, it is corded, limiting its mobility, and weighs 5.8 kilograms, which may be heavy for some users.

Specifications of Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: Eureka Forbes

Special Feature: Wet/Dry, Lightweight, Powerful Suction, Compact, HEPA

Filter Type: HEPA Filter

Capacity: 20 litres

Wattage: 1400 Watts

Cable Length: 5 Metres

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Versatile wet and dry cleaning Corded electric
Powerful suction Might be heavy for some users

The Lifelong LLVC10 Aspire Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile cleaning tool suitable for home, car, and office use. It features a 1000 Watt motor for powerful cleaning on various surfaces. With a 10-litre capacity, it can hold a large amount of dust and waste. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 4-metre long power cord and includes accessories like extension tubes, hose pipe, floor and carpet brush, and more. It also has a blower function for drying and cleaning tough areas. Equipped with Safe-Cut Buoyant Tech, it ensures the safety of the machine. Its compact and lightweight design, along with 360° rotating wheels, make it easy to manoeuvre and store.

Specifications of Lifelong LLVC10 Aspire Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Maximum Suction Pressure: 16kPA

Capacity: 10 litres

Noise Level: 76 dB

Wattage: 1000 Watts

Cable Length: 4 Metres

Form Factor: Cannister

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Powerful 1000 Watt motor Not cordless, limiting mobility
Large 10-litre capacity Cloth filter may require frequent cleaning

The Inalsa vacuum cleaner is a versatile cleaning tool for both wet and dry surfaces, offering a 10 litres capacity and powerful 1200W motor for efficient cleaning. It features a blower function for drying and cleaning hard-to-reach areas, along with Safe Buoy technology to prevent water damage. The device is lightweight, compact, and easy to manoeuvre with its 360 degree rotating wheels. The vacuum cleaner comes with various accessories for different cleaning needs and has a durable polymer tank for long-lasting use.

Specifications of Inalsa vacuum cleaner

Brand: Inalsa

Special Feature: Wet/Dry, Lightweight, Wheels, Compact, Bagless

Filter Type: Cloth

Capacity: 10 litres

Wattage: 1200 Watts

Hose Length: 7 Metres

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Versatile for wet and dry surfaces Not cordless, limited mobility
Powerful 1200W motor Cloth filter may require maintenance

The Amazon Coolest Deals of the Summer bring you the best discounts on a range of home appliances, including air coolers, ceiling fans, water purifiers, and more. Elevate your living space with top-brand appliances, ensuring a cool and comfortable summer while enjoying significant savings. Don’t miss out on these fantastic offers!

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