Amrutha Suresh's sister Abhirami lashes out at media - Malayalam News

Popular Malayalam singer Amritha Suresh is once again in the news after her ex-husband, actor Bala, was hospitalized. Although she visited him with their daughter, she has been subjected to criticism from various corners. In response to the harsh treatment, her sister and singer Abhirami posted a message on social media criticizing the media.


“Whatever nonsense media depicts about her personal life. Did she ever blame anyone? Her license is not the license for you to defame her with false narratives just for the sake of getting social media reach. Whoever is behind this toxic media… think about yourself and your family. what would be your reaction if you are a victim of such social media harassment and propaganda? For god sake, please show some humanity,”she wrote.


Amritha Suresh made headlines when she announced her relationship with music director Gopi Sundar, and since then, they have been the target of online bullying. Amritha was also a contestant in the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam, along with her sister Abhirami, who entered as wildcard contestants on the show’s 50th episode.


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