Angus Cloud`s enthusiasm for Euphoria season 3 cut short by news of tragic death

Angus Cloud, known for his role as Fezco in the hit series Euphoria, had high hopes for the show`s third season before his untimely passing. Back in October, the talented actor eagerly looked forward to returning to the set to see how his beloved character`s storyline would unfold.

“I can`t wait to get back to work with everyone,” Cloud shared with E! News at the time. “I feel like it`s been way too long. I just can`t wait to see everyone and working on set again.”

Cloud expressed uncertainty about Fezco`s upcoming storyline but expressed trust in Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, confident that it would be compelling. Besides the series, the 25-year-old actor had “a couple of projects” in the pipeline outside of Euphoria, excited to showcase his versatility in different roles.

Tragically, Cloud passed away on July 31, only a week after laying his late father to rest at his family`s home in Oakland, Calif. His family issued a statement to E! News, finding solace in the knowledge that he was now reunited with his beloved father, who was his closest confidant. Cloud was open about his struggles with mental health, and his family hopes that his passing serves as a reminder that seeking help and support is crucial.

Portraying the soft-hearted drug dealer Fezco, Cloud captivated audiences with his authenticity and captivating presence. As casting director Jennifer Venditti described, he brought a genuine, raw quality to the character during auditions, showcasing his remarkable ability for active listening and expressing emotions without saying a word.

Euphoria, which premiered in 2019, quickly gained a devoted fan base, with the second season debuting last year. In an unexpected twist, Levinson rewrote the script of the season two finale, sparing Fezco`s life and shifting the fate to Ashtray, portrayed by Javon Walton.

Walton shared with E! News in February 2022, revealing Cloud`s reaction to the script change. “He was the one that was down to take the shot. So he was really sad when he knew that I was gonna die.”

Fans have also been grieving the loss of Angus Cloud, with many of them going online to share their grief:

Angus Cloud`s passing is a significant loss to the entertainment industry, leaving behind a legacy of talent, humor, and compassion. As fans and colleagues mourn the loss of a gifted actor, his family`s heartfelt message serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the power of human connection.