Anjanna Kuthiala unveiled her latest exhibition, Style & Shakti 2024, recently and the inaugural event was co-hosted by Vandy Mehra. The event showcased the timeless connection between art and fashion.
The evening was graced by notable guests including beauty mogul Shahnaz Husain, dancer and cultural icon Prathibha Prahlad, actor Nasir Abdullah, Freddy Svane, Ambassador of Denmark.

Anjanna Kuthiala and Shahnaz Husain

Vandy Mehra and Prathibha-Prahlad

Anjanna’s Style & Shakti 2024 is a celebration of feminine strength and beauty, depicted through her masterful strokes on canvas. The artworks reflect a fusion of contemporary style with traditional elements, capturing the dynamic spirit of modern women. The exhibition provided the perfect backdrop for these vibrant pieces, with the venue’s sophisticated ambiance enhancing the artistic experience.
Vandy Mehra, director of Study by Janak, expressed her delight at hosting the event, stating, “Art and fashion have always been interconnected, both seeking to push boundaries and inspire. Anjanna Kuthiala’s work beautifully encapsulates this synergy.” Guests were visibly enthralled by the artworks, with many praising the intricate details and the powerful message conveyed through each piece.
The evening was a vibrant mix of art appreciation, cultural discourse and stylish celebration, reinforcing the timeless association between art and fashion. Style & Shakti 2024 not only highlighted the creative prowess of Anjanna Kuthiala but also underscored the enduring connection between two of the most influential realms of expression.