An anonymous user on social media shared about a brutal gang fight in Bengaluru’s Kundalahalli area, involving a child. The person claimed that an entire gang was involved in the street brawl that happened on Monday, and he/she claimed that a few people were injured.

Anonymous social media user describes brutal gang fight on Bengaluru road(Picture for representation)

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Describing the incident, the user said, “My friend dropped me off at Kundalahalli Gate around 8 and It was very crowded there. Upon getting close to the crowd, I saw 2 Guys (mid 20s) thrashing a kid (12-14) in between of the cross, literally on the center of the road. He was touching their feet,” mai aapke pai lagta hu please leave me” (I’m begging/touching your feet please spare me), but they kept hitting and kicking him like an animal. And the kid looked like he belonged to a good family, had a school/tution bag with him.”

The user also said he/she tried to rescue the kid from the scene. “I approached them as I wanted to calm down the situation and rescue the kid, but they were abusing him in kannada. My Kannada is not so good as It’s been a few months since I moved here, So I approached the Traffic Police to handle the situation,” he added.

The brawl only escalated further with more people adding to the gang. The user further claimed, “In the meantime, 2 guys came to confront these goons (I think they were his older brothers, but I’m not sure), but these two goons eventually started grabbing and pushing their collars. I pulled the kid away from the crowd as the situation was getting worse, he was shaking and trembling, holding his head as they kicked his head multiple times. Not even 5 mins after this, 8-10 people came in MX100 with loud exhausts as one of the goons was continuously calling someone. And for the next 30-40 mins, they thrashed the two brothers.”

However, police said to have arrived after a few hours and took the goons into custody. “I went back to the scene after an hour and found the 2 goons who were beating the kid there along with a cop car and 3-4 policemen. I pray that these goons get smacked by the police for manhandling and thrashing a kid who was literally begging them to spare him,” he rounded off.

The people on X said that street fights and road rage incidents have become common sight in the tech capital. (This social media claim cannot be independently verified by the HT)