Image Source : X Darshan’s custody has been extended for two days

Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeep has been accused in the Renukaswamy murder case, which is under continuous investigation. The police custody of actor Darshan, actress Pavitra Gowda and others in the Renukaswamy murder case ended today i.e. June 20 and they were produced before the Magistrate Court. The police had requested to send some of the accused including Darshan and Pavitra to their custody for trial in today’s hearing. For those who don’t know, Darshan, Pavitra Gowda and several other accused were arrested on June 11. 

Custody extended for two days

Six days ago, the Magistrate Court had said that they should be produced in court by 5 pm on June 20. Similarly, by 3:45 pm, all the accused were produced in the magistrate’s court. The court hall was crowded with lawyers. Ropes were tied and arrangements were made to control the people, but there was a massive stampede. The hearing took place in the court and today Darshan and three others have been sent to police custody for two days by the Bengaluru court on Thursday. The three other accused include Dhanraj, Vinay and Pradosh, who were sent to police custody by the court. At the same time, other accused including Pavithra Gowda have been sent to judicial custody. 

All accused have been in custody since June 11

Darshan, Pavithra and other accused have been in police custody since June 11. The police have already taken Darshan and other accused to Bengaluru, Mysore, Chitradurga and some other places and arrested them. The police have so far seized about 118 items. Statements of several people have also been recorded, but some of them were requested to be given in police custody as interrogation and investigation are still pending. The police had filed a remand application requesting that Darshan, Vinay, Pradosh, Nagaraj, Laxman and Dhanraj were given back to police custody. 

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