Apple AI features- recently introduced in the suite Apple Intelligence at the company’s WWDC 2024 event- are currently available free of cost across iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia. But Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that these features may not be free to use forever as Apple will separate Apple Intelligence in two tiers- one which will be free with limited set of features and second which will be a paid version with full suite of AI features across iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple logo is seen in this illustration. (Reuters)

Mark Gurman said that that the paid version will be named as Apple Intelligence+ and Apple is likely to make more money from these paid services as compared to selling devices. Moreover, he said that Apple is planning to cut the subscription revenue from every AI partner that integrates into its devices.

Earlier, Mark Gurman said that Apple is planning to bring AI to its Vision Pro mixed reality headset as well but it is not expected to roll out any time soon as Apple is still rethinking how the features will look in mixed reality.

Using Apple Intelligence, your iPhones can prioritise notifications, use writing tools to summarise, correct, and provide suggestions. It also has the ‘Image Playground’ feature which allow you to generate images for free by giving prompts. Apple Intelligence can also take ‘action’ on your behalf as you can ask it to open specific files, play podcasts audio and more.