Apple Intelligence launched: Personal AI across iPhone, iPad and Mac- All details you need to know

Apple has announced a groundbreaking addition to its lineup: “Apple Intelligence.” This suite of features, revealed during the WWDC keynote, is set to revolutionise personal AI across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, aiming to provide powerful, intuitive, integrated, personal, and private experiences for users. 

CEO Tim Cook emphasised the paramount importance of understanding users’ individual contexts, such as routines, relationships, and communications, while prioritising privacy. “It’s not just artificial intelligence,” Cook stated, “it’s personal intelligence, marking the next significant leap for Apple.”

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Integration of Personal Data

SVP Craig Federighi highlighted the integration of personal data and context into Apple Intelligence, leveraging information inputted into applications like Calendar and Maps. With a focus on privacy, Apple’s generative AI offers personalised experiences while maintaining data security.

For instance, Apple Intelligence can analyse emails, extract meaning, and provide relevant directions and files. Additionally, Image Generation allows users to create cartoon images resembling contacts and share them via Messages.

Powered by on-device models compatible with the latest Apple hardware, Apple Intelligence utilises large language and intelligence models for local processing, minimising reliance on cloud services for privacy reasons. However, Apple is introducing “Private Cloud Compute” for more sophisticated AI models while ensuring data privacy.

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Enhanced Siri Integration

One of the significant updates accompanying Apple Intelligence is the enhanced integration of Siri into operating systems. Siri now features a redesigned interface and introduces text-based queries alongside voice commands, acknowledging diverse user preferences.

App Intents facilitate deeper integration of Siri into various applications, promising expanded functionality beyond first-party apps to include third-party offerings. This advancement streamlines multitasking, enabling seamless interaction between different apps for improved productivity.

Extended Functionality

Moreover, Apple Intelligence extends to core apps, enhancing functionalities like composing messages within Mail and utilising Smart Replies. Notably, features like Genmoji and Image Playground introduce new ways to customise emojis and generate on-device images within messaging apps.

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Rolling out with the latest operating system updates, including iOS and iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and VisionOS 2, Apple Intelligence represents a significant milestone in personalised AI experiences, reaffirming Apple’s commitment to innovation and privacy.

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