Apple is reportedly looking to give the Vision Pro 'respiration tracking'

June Wan/ZDNET

Apple Vision Pro rumors are swirling as we near WWDC in a few days, and now we’re learning Apple has filed a patent for health sensors on the device that could track the wearer’s respiration. New code in the Mindfulness app and references to “respiration tracking” have been spotted in VisionOS, in addition to the patent.

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It’s unclear exactly what the respiration tracking feature will do or when it will be released to Vision Pro users, but it could be a way to take the breathing exercises Apple Watch users perform with Mindfulness to the next level. Using Vision Pro’s cameras and sensors to detect and track the user’s breathing rate and patterns could offer personalized breathing exercises and analyze respiration data to provide insights into the user’s stress level and well-being.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset has 23 sensors, including cameras, microphones, and motion sensors. These are designed to track the user’s interaction with the device, including eye movements for tracking, facial expressions, and hand gestures, and to render the surrounding environment virtually. 

That said, some more advanced monitoring features, like respiration tracking, are still under development and might be introduced with future updates to VisionOS or subsequent versions of the Vision Pro.  Apple has also filed patents for Vision Pro sensors that track hydration levels, signs of intoxication, body temperature, and dehydration.

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While the respiration tracking feature has no release date, Apple is scheduled to host its WWDC 2024 on June 10, 2024, where the company is expected to unveil VisionOS 2.

The Vision Pro mixed reality headset will also launch internationally soon, with confirmed releases in China by the end of this year and implied upcoming availability in France. 

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