Apple to fix persistent screen time bug iPhones with upcoming iOS 18 update- All details you need to know

Apple’s Screen Time feature has faced ongoing challenges as users continually find new ways to bypass its restrictions. This tool, designed to allow parents to control app usage, website access, and content on their children’s devices, has been under scrutiny for its reliability.

Persistent Bug to be Fixed

A recent investigation by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple is set to address yet another workaround in the next iOS update. Security researchers had reported this specific bug to Apple multiple times over the past three years, but the company had not taken action until now. Following the investigation led by Joanna Stern, Apple has committed to fixing the issue. In a statement, the company asserted that it “takes reports of issues regarding Screen Time very seriously and has been consistently making improvements,” noting “substantial Screen Time fixes” in the latest iOS 17.5 release.

Concerns Over Screen Time’s Reliability

Despite these upcoming fixes, the delay in addressing this particular bug raises concerns about Apple’s commitment to the effectiveness of Screen Time. Many parents find the feature too unreliable to depend on fully. The recent workaround allowed users to bypass web browsing content restrictions by entering a series of special characters into Safari’s URL bar. This specific trick wasn’t widely known compared to other exploits that have gained traction on social media.

How to Manage Screen Time Settings

For parents looking to enforce restrictions, it’s crucial to explore the various settings within the Screen Time feature. To manage content restrictions, navigate to ‘Screen Time’ in the Settings app and select ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions.’ Here, preferences can be set for apps, websites, and system features such as location services or photo library access. For web content, users can block access to adult content using an automatic filter or specify a list of approved websites.

While Apple’s commitment to fixing the bug in the next iOS update is a positive step, the delay has highlighted ongoing concerns about the reliability of Screen Time. Parents relying on these features should stay informed about updates and manage settings proactively to ensure their effectiveness.


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