Apple WWDC 2024: iOS 18 to bring 6 new exciting features for iPhone users besides AI

The 35th annual Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled from June 10 to June 14, kicking off with a keynote event on Monday, June 10 at 10:00 a.m PDT (10:30 pm IST). While AI advancements are expected to take centre stage at WWDC, Apple has outlined several changes slated for iOS 18, aside from AI innovations. Here’s a look at some of the anticipated non-AI features slated for iOS 18 this year.

1. Flexible Home Screen Layout

Rumours suggest Apple will allow users to freely arrange app icons and widgets on their Home Screen, departing from the current fixed grid setup. This means iPhone users can create personalised layouts with customizable gaps between widgets and app icons, mirroring functionality available on Android.

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2. Customizable App Icons

iOS 18 is rumoured to introduce the ability to customise app icons system-wide. Users might have the option to alter the colour of app icons, as per reports from Bloomberg. For instance, users could potentially group social apps with blue icons or finance-related apps with green icons.

3. Apple Maps Enhancements

Reports indicate that Apple Maps will roll out a new feature allowing users to create custom routes in iOS 18. This empowers iPhone users to craft tailored routes for their journeys, diverging from pre-determined suggestions. Currently, Apple Maps offers multiple route options, but this feature promises more control over travel plans.

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4. Revamped Control Center

Bloomberg reports hints at a revamped Control Center in iOS 18, featuring an updated music widget and enhanced HomeKit integration. Presently, iOS automatically selects up to six accessories to display in the Home section of Control Center, but customization options are limited. iOS 18 may address this issue, providing users with greater control over displayed controls.

5. Text Effects in Messages

iOS 18 is rumoured to introduce support for text effects in the Messages app. This feature would enable users to add animations to individual words within a message, enhancing the messaging experience.

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6. Redesigned Settings App

Lastly, iOS 18 is said to include a revamped version of the Settings app for iPhone users. The new interface is expected to offer improved organisation and a more powerful search function for easier navigation through settings options.

With these anticipated features, iOS 18 promises to deliver a more customizable and user-friendly experience for iPhone users, complementing the advancements in AI technology expected to headline this year’s WWDC.

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