ROME: A 31-year-old casual worker from Punjab in Italy has died after he was dumped on the road without medical assistance by his employer after his arm was severed by heavy farm machinery, an incident that has shocked the country.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said Satnam Singh, one of thousands of Indian immigrants who work the fields in the country, was the victim of “inhumane acts”.
Singh was injured by heavy machinery while working in a vegetable field in Lazio, near Rome, on Monday. He died in a hospital in Rome on Wednesday after being airlifted there when he was eventually found.
The Embassy of India in Rome posted on Wednesday on X that it was aware of the very un- fortunate demise of an Indian national in Latina, Italy.
“We are in contact with local authorities. Efforts are underway to contact the family and provide consular assistance,” it wrote without giving more information.
Singh lost his arm when it was trapped in a plastic fruit wrapping machine, the report said. Singh’s employer, Antonello Lovato, loaded him and his wife into a van and left them by the side of the road near their home, it said. “We heard his wi- fe’s screams who kept calling for help, then we saw a lad who was holding him in his arms and who carried him into the house,” the report quoted Ilario Pepe, the owner of the house, as saying. “We thought he was helping him, but then he ran away. I ran after him,” said Pepe, “and I saw him get into a van and I asked him what had happened and why he hadn’t taken him to hospital.” “He replied ‘he’s not on the books as a regular employee’”. Singh’s severed arm was placed in a fruit crate. His emp- loyer Lovato has been charged with negligent manslaughter.
Meanwhile, Singh’s widow Soni, who was treated for shock after the incident, received a special ‘justice’ stay permit to end her illegal status in Italy, Ansa reported on Friday.