THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Even as Congressled UDF clinched an emphatic victory against CPM-led LDF by winning 18 of 20 Lok Sabha seats in the state, both fronts suffered almost equally in the emergence of BJP-led NDA in terms of losing their overall vote share. However, UDF suffered the most in constituencies where NDA increased its vote share substantially.
Statistics show that NDA is the only political front that improved its vote share in the election. Its vote share jumped from 15.56% in 2019 Parliament election to 19.2% in 2024, surging by 3.64%. UDF vote share tanked to 45.14% from 47.24%, shrinking it by 2.1%. LDF vote share reduced by 1.75% from 35.11% it obtained in 2019 to 33.36% this time.
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CPM and Congress leaders have already started bla-ming each other for the surge in BJP’s vote share. Though NDA could win only Thrissur seat, BJP candidates put up strong resistance against LDF and UDF candidates in at least three seats. In Alappuzha seat, where NDA candidate Sobha Surendran upped the vote share by a whopping 11% from 17.24% to 28.3%, the NDA surge was at the cost of UDF.
In Alappuzha, LDF voteshare dipped by 9% and UDF’s by around 2%. The steep fall in LDF vote share helped UDF candidate K C Venugopal wrest the seat from LDF even as UDF failed to amass the percentage of votes it got last time.
In all other places where NDA improved its vote share, UDF suffered the most. UDF vote share came down by almost 10% in Thrissur as NDA increased its vote share from28.2% to 37.8%. LDF vote share remained intact as it won 30.96% votes as against 30.85% votes polled in its favour in 2019. In Thiruvananthapuram, LDF increased its vote share though marginally by winning 25.72% votes as against 25.6% votes it got in 2019. UDF vote share came down from 37.19% in 2019 to 41.19% as NDA increased its vote share by over 4% in the constituency.
UDF suffered the worst in Attingal, which witnessed a tight triangular fight that brought down the winning margin of UDF candidate and sitting MP Adoor Prakash to 684 votes. UDF’s vote share came down to 33.29% from 37.91% last time. LDF also suffered in the triangular fight where its vote share came down to 33.29% from 34.11%. NDA increased its vote share from 24.69% to 31.64%.