Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other opposition MPs showed the copies of the Constitution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was about to take oath as a member of the 18th Lok Sabha. Union home minister Amit Shah was also greeted in a similar manner.

Opposition benches show Constitution copy to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament.

Posting an 8-second clip of the incident on X, the Congress party said, “The INDIA alliance will protect the constitution at the cost of its life.”

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Trinamool leader Kalyan Banerjee, and Samajwadi Party leaders Akhilesh Yadav and Awadhesh Prasad were seated in the first row in the opposition benches.

The Congress party and its pre-poll allies, which form the INDIA bloc, led an aggressive campaign against Prime Minister Modi claiming that the BJP will abolish the Constitution if voted back to power with a two-thirds majority. Political observers suggest that the BJP’s ‘400 paar’ slogan, along with assertions by some of its candidates, helped the opposition’s narrative.

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Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah of attacking the Constitution, and said it was not acceptable to them.

“We would not allow the attack on the Constitution that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are doing,” he told reporters in the Parliament complex.

“This attack is not acceptable to us,” Gandhi said.

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Asked whether the message of the opposition was reaching out to the people, the former Congress president said, “Our message is reaching the public and no power can touch the Constitution of India and we will protect it.”

Gandhi also posted the video of their symbolic protest on social media saying, “Copy of the Constitution in hands, its values ​​in hearts!”

“No power in the world can destroy it – India will protect it with all its might.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took oath as member of the 18th Lok Sabha after returniung to power for a third consecutive term earlier this month. This is the third term of Modi as a member of the Lok Sabha. He retained the Varanasi seat, which he has been winning since 2014. As Leader of the House, he was the first one to take oath.