After Netflix`s Scoop, actor Aseem Hattangady is now garnering accolades for the portrayal of the character Ilyas Khan in Disney Hotstar`s `The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon, Dhoka` starring alongside Kajol, Jisshu Sengupta among others. Directed by Suparn Verma, the show addresses themes like betrayal in marriage, public scrutiny, juggling motherhood with work, returning to a competitive profession after a break.

Known for his work in projects like `Govinda Naam Mera`, `Decoupled`, Zee5`s `Barot House` among others, Aseem gets candid about the kind of responses he is getting for `The Trial` and his working experience on the show.

Aseem shared, “The response to the show and my character have been extremely positive. People are enjoying my character and all the plot twist he is doing in the show. Honestly, it feels nice when people call text, or meet you to say, they loved the character. I feel grateful to be given a chance to play this character.”

Sharing his experience of playing the character of Ilyas he tells, “For me, it was equally challenging and satisfying playing Ilyas Khan. There are many shades to the man. At any given time in the series, there is a different aspect of his being at work and that is something that I really looked forward to play.”

Heaping praises for his director Suparn Varma he mentions, “Suparn!!!?? I seriously have tremendous love and respect for the man. He is an emotion to be experienced. Full of energy and bursting with life. He’s got a keen eye for detail. As a director, he is trusting enough to let his actors do their thing but he is watching, guiding and correcting. Trust me, some of his smallest inputs have made a great impact on my performance. I personally share a great bond with him. I`m so happy for him with recent successes. Suparn was already happy with my audition for Ilyas. So, I guess I had hit the right note for the part from the start. Our interpretation of the character was similar in many respects (especially related to how to play the `Intimidating` scenes). This really helped. The feeling of collaboration and teamwork was always in the air on his set. Whatever was planned for the day was finished on time without any extensions.”

Describing his working experience with Kajol, Jisshu, and other co-actors he mentioned, “With Kajol and Jisshu Sengupta, we developed this amazing camaraderie while filming which continues to this day. Long heartfelt conversations about life, diets, dreams, and everything else under the sun. There isn`t a topic we haven`t covered. There is a deep bond I share with them. Unfortunately because of our different tracks, I didn`t have any scenes with the remaining ensemble of brilliant actors like Sheebaji, Aly Khan, Kubbra, Aamir, or Gaurav, though I share an amazing bond with each off screen and we also keep in touch even when not filming. I feel grateful to be in the presence of such talents.”