Image Source : ANI Arrested peddlers with seized drugs in Cachar Police custody

In a major crackdown on narcotics trafficking, the Cachar Police seized 1.90 kilograms of heroin worth approximately Rs 9.5 crore and apprehended six individuals in two separate operations on Saturday. Superintendent of Police Numal Mahatta disclosed that the operations were conducted based on credible intelligence at Ram Prasadpur in Dholai and Banskandi in Lakhipur.

“During the operations, the police team apprehended 6 persons and recovered 150 soap cases containing heroin weighing approximately 1.90 kilograms from their possession. The market value of the seized drugs is estimated at around Rs 9.5 crore,” SP Numal Mahatta said.

The individuals arrested in connection with the drug trafficking operations were identified as Bintu Singha (28), Rajen Singha (41), Ekbar Hussain (23), Borjohna Hmar (27), Robert Lalmalsawn (24), and Daniel Lalringhet (26). Along with the drugs, the police also seized a Scooty and a car used in the transportation of the narcotics.

SP Mahatta further revealed that the heroin consignment was illegally transported from Churachandpur in Manipur. The seizure marks a significant success in the ongoing efforts to curb the drug menace in the region. According to Mahatta, further investigation is underway to uncover more details and connections related to this drug trafficking network.

The seized narcotics include, 800 Kg ‘ganja’ and 1.9 Kg heroine.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma speaks on seizure and arrest

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also reacted to the major drug bust. In an X post, he said, “Major drug bust in Barak Valley. Yesterday, based on Assam Police’s strong intelligence network. Karimganj Police raided a shop and recovered almost 800kg of Ganja and arrested one person. Cachar Police conducted two ops and seized 1.9kg of heroin amounting to ₹9.5cr and arrested 6 people.”

Similar arrest and seizure in Cachar district

The latest seizure and arrest is the second such action by the Assam Police in nearly 10 days. In a similar incident on May 24, Cachar Police seized narcotics worth 8.5 crore and arrested four persons in two separate operations in the district on Friday. Speaking about the arrest and seizure, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took to X and posted, ”In two successful anti-narcotic drives conducted by Cachar Police, it seized a huge swath of narcotic substances”.

The joint operation was conducted with the Assam Rifle. The seized substances included 20,000 Yaba tablets and 418 gms of brown sugar.

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