Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, as he called him ‘balak buddhi’ (a grown man with a child’s mind). Reacting to Gandhi’s speech in the Lower House of the Parliament yesterday, PM Modi said the Congress leader carried out a drama to gain sympathy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi replies to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha.(PTI)

Balak buddhi has been crying… this person hit me, that person hit me, I was hit here, I was hit there… this drama is being played to gain sympathy,” said PM Modi.

“A person with a child’s mind doesn’t know what to say and how to behave…he (Rahul Gandhi) sometimes winks inside the Lok Sabha… the country now knows him well. The entire country is now telling him — tumse na ho paaega (you won’t be able to perform),” PM Modi added.

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On Monday, Rahul Gandhi attacked the government over a host of issues, including the raging NEET row. He also questioned the party’s adherence to the ideology of Hinduism. However, many portions of his speech were expunged by Speaker Om Birla.

PM Modi further said that Rahul Gandhi is out on bail in a corruption case. He said Gandhi was convicted for insulting the OBC community and has been facing several defamation cases.

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He said the Lok Sabha witnessed Rahul Gandhi’s childish behaviour on Monday.

PM Modi called the Congress a “parasite”. He said the party performed poorly in states where it contested without its INDIA bloc allies.

He said the Congress has been celebrating fake victory.

“I remember an incident, there was a boy who scored 99 marks and he used to show it to everyone. When people heard 99, they used to encourage him a lot. Then a teacher came and said why are you distributing sweets? He did not score 99 out of 100 but 99 out of 543. Now who will explain to that child that you have created a world record in failure,” PM Modi said.

With inputs from PTI, ANI