Avika Gor began her acting career at a young age and has been in the industry for many years, becoming a well-known figure in television. Although she`s been away from TV for some time, she`s been involved in other projects.

Recently, in an interview, Avika shared a shocking experience where she described an incident of being inappropriately touched by a bodyguard.

Balika Vadhu`s Avika Gor recalls being sexually harrased 

Avika Gor, also known for her role in Sasural Simar Ka, shared more about a disturbing incident that left her shaken. In a candid interview with Hauterrfly, she talked about being sexually harassed by a bodyguard at an event in Kazakhstan. 

Despite the distress, Avika revealed that she decided to let the bodyguard go. She sat down to discuss her experiences in life and showbiz, openly recounting this unsettling event, “I remember someone from behind tried to touch me while I was going towards the stage. The minute I turned back, I remember seeing only the bodyguard, and there was nobody else.” She further added, “And I remember the second time; it was about to happen, and I held the hand. It was the same bodyguard.”

Avika added that after the bodyguard was caught, they apologized, and she decided to let them go. “They don’t know how to speak English or Hindi, so I let it go. What more could I do?” added Avika.

Why was Balika Vadhu`s Avika Gor in the news recently?

Recently, Avika Gor opened up about the profound impact her father has had on her life and career. Known for her roles in popular television shows and films, Avika shared the valuable lessons her father has taught her, his unwavering support, and how she planned to celebrate him this year despite being apart.

One of the most significant lessons Avika’s father has imparted to her is the importance of not taking any single minute for granted. “He constantly emphasizes how crucial it is to be grounded and humble,” Avika revealed. “He reminds me to appreciate the teamwork involved in any achievement. Whenever I feel a sense of accomplishment, he always tells me, `It`s not just you who has done this; it’s the team who has done this.` This advice has kept me motivated and focused throughout my career.”

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