Best new games on the droid

Caves of Lore

Caves of Lore is an immersive pixel-art RPG game that takes players on a journey of deep exploration and turn-based battles. The game is set in a world where a mysterious event called the Calamity has caused the inhabitants to lose their memories. Players explore the shadowy caves and uncover the secrets behind the Calamity. The game allows you to customise your characters through flexible skill and ability selections, contributing to a personalised gameplay experience. Engaging in strategic combat and employing spellsadds depth and challenge to the gameplay. Caves of Lore skillfully blends nostalgic elements with innovative mechanics, appealing to both longtime fans of RPGs and newcomers.
Rs 650

Floop’s Big House Adventure

Floop’s Big House Adventure is a mobile 2D arena shooter game that brings back the nostalgia of 90s cartoons with its vibrant and chaotic gameplay and unique art style. The game is perfect for anyone who loved watching Cartoon Network during that era. In the game, players control Floop, who is on a mission to clear his oversized house of a monstrous infestation. The gameplay revolves around players navigating room-by-room, fighting various blob-like enemies. It’s charm lies in its homage to a bygone era of animation, blending a sense of adventure with the surreal. The gameplay is engaging, with a mix of power-ups and weapons that are as quirky as they are vast. Floop’s Big House Adventure successfully captures the essence of 90s whimsy and provides a solidly entertaining experience for players who want to relive a world of nostalgia and neon.

Slipstream: Rogue Space

Slipstream: Rogue Space is an entertaining multiplayer action strategy game that lets players assume the role of cute spaceship crew members in a 2D animated universe. The game starts with players selecting a crew member, each with unique skills beneficial for space combat like mechanics, shield operation, or brawling. After joining a crew, players must navigate ship battles, following and sometimes improvising beyond the Captain’s orders to tackle incoming threats ranging from hostile spaceships to alien boarders. Players work to improve their rank among the crew by actively contributing to the ship’s needs, defending against attacks and repairing damaged stations. 

Ex Astris

Ex Astris stands out in the mobile RPG market by offering a unique premium model priced at Rs 999, different from the typical freemium mechanics found in most mobile games. The game combines turn-based and real-time combat mechanics, demanding strategic thinking and memorization. The game boasts visually appealing 3D graphics and an intricate storyline. Combat involves a blend of real-time actions and turn-based strategies, enriched by a skill tree for character skills customisation. 
Rs 999

The Longing

The Longing is a captivating game that beautifully explores the concepts of patience and introspection over a span of 400 real-life days. This game combines elements of idle gaming and point-and-click adventure to challenge players to awaken a king and guide an enigmatic Shade through deep, dark caverns. It is unique and defies fast-paced norms, opting instead for a slow journey filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered in real-time, perfectly embodying the essence of longing. The game’s minimalist yet evocative dark aesthetics complement its deep narrative, encouraging players to find joy in solitude and the passage of time. This game is not just a digital experience but a journey into the heart of human desire.
Rs 550

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a new mobile game by Capcom that brings the iconic franchise to mobile devices. Players get to embark on a Gothic adventure with familiar characters like Dante and Lady, as they are tasked with stopping a demonic invasion. The game features richly designed levels ranging from demon-filled libraries to icy plains. It successfully captures the franchise’s signature fast-paced combat on mobile. 

Methods: Detective Competition

“Methods: Detective Competition” is a visual novel game by Erabit Studios that challenges players to solve mysteries in a unique contest. The game features 100 detectives and 100 criminals competing for a million-dollar prize, with criminals also vying for parole. Players start by playing Detective Hackett, a tough but inept detective, before assuming the role of Nell, a detective with a keen eye for detail. 
Rs 370

Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace is a mobile point-and-click management game that puts players in the shoes of King Eryk, as he navigates the complexities of ruling the kingdom of Davern and managing his family relationships. The game presents a unique take on ruler-based games, where you must face a threats caused by a past mistake and a looming invasion of Radovia. The game blends serious kingdom management with touching personal stories, all presented in vibrant pixel art. The intuitive gameplay makes excellent use of touchscreen controls for exploring the castle and interacting with a wide array of characters, from petitioners with varying demands to Eryk’s three daughters, each facing unique challenges. 

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a horror game from Bandai Namco and Tarsier Studios, originally released for PC in 2017. Its mobile version aims to replicate the success of the original game. The game puts the player in control of Six, a tiny protagonist navigating through a vast, ominous environment. This creates a sense of vulnerability and enhances the game’s atmospheric depth. The mobile version offers two control schemes, both of which adapt well to the game’s demand for precise movements. The game leans heavily on stealth instead of combat, and it thrives on suspenseful puzzle-solving. 
Rs 590

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