Bigg Boss Malayalam 5: Mohanlal leaves the show midway - Malayalam News

Akhil Marar, a contestant on Bigg Boss Malayalam 5, is facing backlash for his behavior on the show. While he publicly apologized for his controversial statement about the late Attappady tribal Madhu, he is now being criticized for using foul language in the house. During the special Easter Day episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5, the contestants were playing a special task when Akhil became agitated after the other contestants criticized his gameplay. He lashed out at them and used vulgar language, prompting Raneesha and Cerena to bring up the issue with host Mohanlal and demand an apology.

mohanlal raneesha

Raneesha was particularly upset about Akhil’s comment regarding Angeline’s grandmother, which she found unacceptable and hurtful. Angeline also expressed her anguish for any disrespectful comments towards her family. Akhil apologized and claimed that his outburst was a heat-of-the-moment incident and that he never intended to harm anyone. However, Sagar later demanded a personal apology from Akhil for using inappropriate language towards him and Junaiz. Akhil refused to apologize, citing his previous public apology.

When Mohanlal asked him to hand over his captain band to Sagar, Akhil threw the captain badge and also refused to apologize to Sagar, further infuriating Mohanlal. The host Mohanlal felt disrespected and stopped the show mid-way. He also lashed out at the contestants, stating that he had traveled for hours to be there and that their behavior was disrespectful. This was the first time the veteran actor had taken such a hard step in the show’s history.

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