Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 28 Highlights

    Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Day 28 Update: As the season is moving towards its end, the contestants are showing their true colours. This episode of Bigg Boss was about winning a task to get ration for the week. During the task, the contestants had to ignore celebrities entering the house and any failure to do so would result in a reduction in their weekly ration. Dipraj Jadhav, Miss Malini, social media influencer Snehil Mehra (better known as BC Aunty), RJ Malishka, and social media influencer Danny Pandit were among the five visitors that visited the residence. These guests arrived one by one to participate in the activity and then departed when Bigg Boss requested them to. Despite their best efforts to divert the contestants` attention, the housemates stayed focused on the task at hand. Bigg Boss then said that the viewers appreciated their dedication to the task and that they would receive their full ration for the week.

    Later in the day, Manisha, who won the captaincy, was seen trying to make others do their duty. After a disagreement with the housemates, she took charge and cleaned the terrace. Abhishek Malhan sided with Manisha and got into a heated debate with Avinash. There were moments between Avinash and Elvish Yadav as well, leading to petty arguments. However, Abhishek later encouraged Manisha to talk gently with their housemates if she wanted them to listen. Manisha went away after telling Abhishek that she was correct, which enraged Abhishek even more. Manisha eventually had a breakdown, and Abhishek consoled her.

    The biggest highlight of the episode was an argument between Jiya Shankar and Pooja Bhatt which came out of nowhere. While Pooja was explaining something to Avinash, she suddenly turned and blamed Jiya for her extremist behaviour. The exchange of words later turned into an argument and left Pooja Bhatt angry. During the debate, Pooja used the F word, for which she later apologised. Pooja commented that Jiya`s strategy was to make everyone treat her like a child and said that it was part of her gameplay. Later, while the housemates were discussing the incident, Jad was surprised to know that Jiya is about 28-30 years old.

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