Armaan Malik`s entry into the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house with his two wives has stirred a lot of controversy. A section of people is opposing Bigg Boss`s decision to invite the three of them into the house. Recently, Payal Malik, the first wife of the YouTuber, was evicted from the house. In an exclusive chat with, Payal discussed her complex relationship and Armaan Malik`s reaction to a question regarding her having two husbands.

Payal expressed her disappointment over her early eviction, stating, “It was an unfair eviction and an unfair nomination. But two of my family members are still in the game, and I will support them from the outside now.”

We asked her about a topic everyone is curious about, a recent clip of Sana Makbul asking Armaan Malik about Payal having two husbands and his reaction, which shocked everyone. When Sana asked Armaan about this situation, he said that he would have left Payal. Reacting to Armaan`s statement, Payal said, “He is a man, and a man can never accept that his wife or his lover is with someone else. So I am not at all shocked by that statement.”

Further in the interview, Payal called out Shivani Kumari for picking fights with everyone. She also commented on Shivani`s fainting incident, saying, “I have already said in the house that her fainting was a drama.”

When asked to choose between Armaan and Kritika, Payal had a clear preference. She said, “For me, both of them are equal, and I will be very happy if either of them wins. But Armaan can take a stand, so if I have to support someone, then that`s going to be Kritika.”

In a previous interview with, Neeraj Goyal reacted to Payal, Armaan, and Kritika`s entry into the house and shared that he thinks, “it`s totally wrong.” When we shared this with Payal, she responded, “It`s Neeraj`s point of view, and I don`t want to comment on it.”

In conclusion, Malik expressed her wish to re-enter the house as a wildcard contestant. “If given a chance, I will surely enter as a wildcard,” she said.

To note, you can watch new episodes of Bigg Boss OTT 3 every day at 9 pm on Jio Cinema. This year, the show is being hosted by Anil Kapoor.