Ranvir Shorey is getting more attention during his time on Bigg Boss OTT 3. In a recent episode of the show, the actor made a rare mention of his past relationship with Pooja Bhatt, referring to it as “the biggest scandal” of his life.

He also talked about the tough times he faced after his mother`s passing, sharing how difficult it was for him to cope with the loss.

Ranvir Shorey calls breakup with Pooja Bhatt the `the biggest scandal` of his life

While reminiscing, the actor remembered filming Lakshya in Ladakh in 2002. He got a call from home saying his mother was unwell, but he couldn`t leave until the shoot was over. He also mentioned that during that time, he was caught up in the biggest scandal of his life with an actress.

He said, “During the same time, I also encountered the biggest scandal of my life with another actress. As I was unable to cope, my brother asked me to come to the US with him for a while. I pursued a six-month acting course in the US and borrowed money from my brother. After returning from the US, I started shooting for The Great Indian Comedy Show in 2005”.

“At that time, two of my long-shelved films were greenlit for release and hit theaters back-to-back within a week and my work was loved by audiences. After those films, I finally felt my life was steady as an actor and that I had arrived,” he added.

Ranvir Shorey`s previous comment on the Bhatt family

Previously, in a conversation with ANI, Ranvir Shorey shared that his respect for Mahesh Bhatt was used against him to manipulate him. Ranvir said, “I had great regard for Mr Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt) until the fiasco happened when I was seeing his daughter (Pooja Bhatt). Then I saw that actually whatever respect I had for him was being used to manipulate me… very duplicitous behaviour going on.”

“This fully happens, you know, ganging up against someone, elbowing them out, standing on somebody`s toes, scuttling somebody`s career. This happens. This is a fact. It happens in politics, corporate, and media too. But this part is not glamorous,” he added.