Bombay High Court allows Rhea Chakraborty`s brother Showik to travel abroad for

The Bombay High Court on Friday allowed the temporary suspension of the Look Out Circular (LOC) against Rhea Chakraborty`s brother, Showik Chakraborty. Rhea and her family have been declined to use their passport. However, now Showik has been permitted to go to Australia for work on several conditions, including that his parents submit their passports to the authorities.

Showik, who is also an accused like his sister in the case registered by the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) in actor Sushant Singh Rajput`s drug case, submitted that he was required to head to Australia for seven days for a work-related agenda.

According to the court orders, here are the conditions under which he has been allowed to travel to Australia for work: 

Applicant– Showik Indrajit Chakraborty is permitted to travel to Australia during the period from 17th September, 2023 to 25th September, 2023

(ii) Applicant, before his departure, to furnish the full itinerary of his overseas travel with all details, including the addresses where he would stay, telephone/mobile/contact numbers, on which he can be contacted during the said period, to Respondent No.1-CBI

(iii) Applicant to deposit the passports of his parents with the Registrar (Judicial-I) of this Court. The same to be kept in safe custody.

(iv) Applicant shall not apply for renewal or extension of this Order until he returns to this country

(v) The Immigration Authorities on all points of departure, will permit the Applicant to pass through immigration and to board his flight or flights, irrespective of whether the immigration system has been updated and whether Respondent No.1 has informed the Immigration Authorities or not

(vi) To enable the Applicant to travel, the operation of LOC placing travel restrictions on the Applicant, is stayed from 17th September, 2023 to 25th September, 2023. 3/ 4 Harish IA 3346-23.doc

(vii) Upon his return to India on 25th September, 2023 the Applicant to report to CBI office on or before 27th September,

8. Learned counsel for Respondent No. 1 to communicate this Order to the Immigration Authorities forthwith upon the Order being uploaded.

9. List the Interim Application for reporting compliance on 29th September, 2023.