Brahmapuram issue: Having bad cough and breathing issues, says Mammootty - Malayalam News

Toxic smoke from the waste plant in Brahmapuram continues to affect the city, causing distress among residents. Residents of Kochi are unable to live comfortably due to the suffocating conditions caused by the toxic smoke. Seeking a permanent solution to the fire issue, actor Mammootty urged authorities to take action.

Speaking to the media, Mammootty expressed his difficulty in sleeping at night and breathing due to the poor air quality. Mammootty recently returned from Pune where he was shooting a film and has been experiencing cough and breathing problems since then. Many people he spoke to shared similar experiences and were forced to stay away from their homes due to the harmful effects of the toxic smoke.

The problem is not limited to Kochi and its vicinity, but extends to the neighboring districts as well. It is the responsibility of the authorities to find a solution to the issues arising from Brahmapuram. In the absence of a viable solution, they should look to adopt successful models from other regions, he added.

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