Bride-to-be Amy Jackson enjoyed a lively bachelorette party with her close friends on a private jet in France, and she shared the photos on social media.
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In the first photo, Amy radiates confident boss vibes as she boards the private jet. The subsequent images capture her in a chic white suit, accessorized with a sun hat, netted white gloves, and oversized white pearl earrings.She is also sporting a ‘bride-to-be’ sash and holding a drink.

Amy shared moments with her friends on the private jet, all beaming with joy and relishing the celebration. In the final photo, her friends sported masks featuring Amy’s face, striking a fun pose near the jet.

Amy Jackson and Ed Westwick’s lavish engagement dinner sparks buzz in London

Earlier, Amy gave a sneak peek of their engagement dinner party, building excitement for their forthcoming wedding. On Instagram, she shared stunning photos from the event. The first photo captures the couple sharing a romantic dance, while the second image showcases an elegantly decorated dinner table, adorned with flowers, candles, and twinkling lights.

The third photo features a touching moment of Amy happily hugging her son, Andreas. The last image shows the couple sharing a passionate kiss. Amy captioned the post, “Let the Celebrations Begin 21.03.24. Surrounded by our families and friends, as dear as family, we celebrated our love with those we cherish most from all over the world!”
In 2022, Amy made her relationship with Ed Westwick Instagram official. Ed, also an actor, is widely recognized for his role in Gossip Girl.

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